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Sep 12, 2006 03:53 PM

LOS- How far ahead should I book for a Sat. night in November?

Will be attending a large conference first week in November, does anyone know how far in advance I can (and should) book a table for 4 on a Saturday night?

I was hoping to be able to do a direct comp to Sripraphai, unfortunately we picked a Wed. night to go there and they were closed (as they always are as we found out). Regardless, had an amazing meal at Khao Homm a few blocks away..

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  1. If you are so concerned, book now.

    1. The only reason why I wouldn't say a week in advance is fine is your mention of the large conference. I know LOS got slammed at the recent shoe convention. Very few reservations are made more than a few weeks in advance.

      1. Thanks, just wanted to make sure getting one isn't a blood sport like some rests in NY where you have to call exactly a month in advance.

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          Nah, the one thing you won't find at LOS is "attitude." Truth be told, even when they are packed, it sometimes works to just hang around the foyer with a hangdog expression on your face.