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Sep 12, 2006 03:39 PM

Best way to store chocolate?

I have this wonderful box of chocolates that I'd like to savor but am wondering what's the best way to keep them. In the fridge??

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  1. I was told never fridge chocolate..this is after I did it with some fine Belgian chocolates I recvd as a gift.

    1. Store them in a cool place, away from things that have a strong odor. Blooming occurs if chocolate is refrigerated. The shine will turn gray and the texture will be grainy.

      1. Chocolate should be stored in a cool dry dark place. If it gets too warm, the fat comes to the top and forms a white film/layer. If it gets damp, ie from condensation in the fridge, the sugar comes to the top and also forms that white film. But it seems to depend on how long you store it; I've kept chocolate out during very hot L.A. days, and also in the fridge, and they were fine for the couple of weeks it took me to eat it all. A long time ago someone shipped me chocolates via USPS and that white film had formed, I don't remember that the chocolates tasted that much different, but it was not very appetizing, and actually may have become a little gritty.

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          Those are not the only 2 reasons why the white film forms... and I know from experience. My Grand-aunt is very fond of buying/collecting snacks and candies so she can have something to hand out to children of relatives when they come visiting. However, rare is the day when a child comes along to visit. End result: several years ago when I was a wee one, she gave me a box of those Hawaiian Macadamia Nut chocolates -- when I got home of course I tore into the box. The white film was there, but I thought it was just a result of how it was stored, not how OLD the candies were. But when I bit into it and realized how horribly STALE those macadamias were, the rest went into the trash. My Mom and I put our heads together and calculated that the last time a relative had gone to HI and brought back chocolates as gift items was at least 2 years prior. (This was at a time when these candies were still only being sold in HI.)

        2. I've found chocolate will keep fairly well in a cool dark cupboard UNLESS you have perishable fillings. Some truffles have very short lives so you should eat these soon or refrigerate them and tolerate the bloom.

          1. Not to get all Bill Clinton on you, but it depends on what you mean by "chocolate." If you're talking about solid bar chocolate, it will keep very well if it is stored in a cool, dark place, unrefrigerated. If, on the other hand, you're talking about chocolate truffles or filled chocolate candies, these often have cream and/or other perishable ingredients in them which will go bad fairly quickly if stored at room temperature. If you can't finish them within a couple of days, you may want to refrigerate or freeze them. As others have noted, this isn't great for the flavor, and especially the texture, of the chocolate, but it's still maybe preferable to spoiled candies. Hope this helps.