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Hi everyone - I am on a hunt for a place that has a fancy-ish brunch available on Saturday. (Or lunch...neither seems simple to stumble across!)

Mildred Pierce is the only thing stumbling to mind, any suggestions along that line?

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  1. There is a fantastic brunch at Kultura on King E, by Jarvis. Take a look at the menu

    1. If you don't mind going a bit north, I would go to Oliver & Bonacini: http://www.oliverbonacini.com/obcg_ba... at Bayview Village. They do brunch Saturday and Sunday.

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        I would actually disagree with O&B. The place is overpriced and not as good as many other places in town. :( www.mishsplayground.com

      2. Enjoyed brunch at Toba a couple of weeks ago.

        1. Xacutti's brunch is supposed to be good, but I've never tried it. Menu looks tempting, though.

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            Be sure to check the restaurants' websites before showing up on a Saturday morning. Many of them only offer brunch on Sundays (ie. Xacutti & Mildred Pierce).

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              Doh. Thanks, lactard... I never even thought about the day. Doh.

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                Xacutti fits the bill for a 'fancy-ish' kind of place. Interesting menu, beautifully presented dishes and pleasant decor.

                Sugar is a little more modern homey but also fantastic.

            2. B Cafe, on Queen E. just past Church. It's an Italian place with fantastic Italian breakfasts (baked eggs with fennel, french toast stuffed with mascarpone, fig jam, fantastic drinks . . .) on Saturdays after 11 ayem.
              The service is a little idiosynchratic, but the food is definitely worth it.

              1. Try Brassaii on King Street West as well as The Boiler House in the Distillery District.


                1. Try "POMEGRANATE" in the Beach....Queen St. E just west of Beech Ave. A small but delicious menu of interesting omelletes. A great place for dinner too! ( Brunch is only on Saturdays and Sundays )

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                    whats the dinner menu like? prices? whats the best dishes?

                  2. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...
                    Barrio is great for Saturday brunch - it's somewhat casual but still lovely.