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Sep 12, 2006 03:18 PM

Christmas In NYC

My wife and I are coming to New York for Christmas. We were looking for somewhere to eat Christmas Day. Someone recommended Fraunces Tavern. Does anyone know if they will be open? Does anyone have any other recs for Christmas Day dinner? Want to spend around $60-80 and open for any ideas. Thanks.

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  1. Is your $$$ figure for two or one?

    1. It really is way too early to know exactly which restaurants will be open. The only restaurant that I know of that is always open on Christmas Day and serves a traditional holiday menu is Cibo, a neighborhood spot on the corner of 2nd Av. & 41st St. Very good food and pleasant ambiance. As it gets nearer the holiday, they will probably post the menu with prices on their website.

      If you want to go ethnic, most Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas Day.

      As for Fraunces Tavern, I've never heard anyone rave about the food there. But if you are interested because of the historical setting, you could call and see if they will be open.

      1. The traditional thing in New York, as far as I know, is to eat Chinese food on Christmas. Most Chinese restaurants will be open and doing a brisk business on that day. But that will cost a heck of a lot less than you propose to pay, unless you go to a real high-end place like Chinatown Brasserie (which I'm guessing might be closed, because it's in the East Village) or perhaps if you go to Oriental Garden and just pick the fish and seafood you want out of the tanks and tell them how you want them cooked.

        1. $$$ was for two. Thanks for all the info so far.

          1. Fraunce's Tavern is pretty bleak. Yes, it is historical but that's about it. Cibo would be a far better option - but agreed...Chinese is probably the way to do it in NYC on the 25th.