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Sep 12, 2006 03:06 PM

1 day alone in Carmel/PG- looking for casual and snacky gems!

Hi all:

In a week I will be spending a day alone in Carmel and Pacific Grove. I am not so much looking for the "Best Restaurants" but rather those small neighborhood gems such as coffee houses, coffee shops, bakeries, snack shops, ice cream places, and casual eateries one can dine at comfortably while alone. Your tips are very much appreciated!!!


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  1. Not sure if the emphasis here is "coffee house, coffee shop," etc. or somewhere you could "dine comfortably while alone." If the latter, I'd be perfectly comfortable dining alone at Taste in PG. If you'll be there for dinner, I'd add Passionfish to the list. Both very good and moderately priced.