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Sep 12, 2006 02:59 PM

Combating brain freeze

Here's a plague on hounds who love sweet cold yummy stuff:

My new favorite drink concoction from Sonic is the Cranberry Slush. But maybe because I suck it down too fast, I get MONSTROUS brain freeze!

I remember reading somewhere that the freeze is caused when the cold hits your hard palate (aka the roof of your mouth), so rubbing it with your tongue to warm it should work. But -- it doesn't. Maybe it's really the soft palate? My tongue won't reach back that far!

Argh. You can tell I'm frustrated. Anyone else have tips/tactics to beat the dreaded freeze?

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  1. I actually enjoy brain freezes, but if you want to get rid of it, try holding your breath for a little bit.

    1. Try this.

      Stick a piece of chocolate (e.g., like a square of Hershey's) in your mouth and let it coat and melt in your mouth after partaking in Sonic's finest -- Cranberry Slush...

      1. There's an accupressure point on your hand that you can press that helps with brain freeze. I thought it was silly before I tried it. The point is right below the pad under your ring finger on your left hand. So, it's little up and off-center and to the right on your palm. Press your thumb there for bit and see it that helps next time you have a brain freeze.

        1. the artery in the back of your throat constricts, causing the brain freeze. The easiest way to combat it is to take a sip of some warm water

          1. It probably is from sucking it down too fast. Put it on a plate, son, you'll enjoy it more. I mean, drink it more slowly or take in a smaller quantity w/ each sip (is that the same thing?).