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Sep 12, 2006 02:42 PM

Anniversary in D.C..

I need help figuring out what to do for my 14th ann. We have only lived in Va. for 1 month and want to spend the whole day in D.C. and Georgetown. I need ideas for lunch in Georgetown and dinner in D.C.and a neat bar for drinks during the day, this will be on a Saturday, any bars with happy hours on weekends???

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  1. I suppose if you want to deal with crowds of tourists, you can't do much better than Georgetown on a Saturday.

    For proper drinks, you can't do better than the newly opened PX above Eamonn's Chippery in Old Town. Todd Thrasher makes his own tonics and essences and is old school proper. The place is built on a speakeasy theme.

    We've had our past 5 anniversary dinners at Restaurant Eve and they keep getting better. We usually do the 5-course tasting menu, but we just did the 9-course and it was phenomenal. Easily one of the best 5 meals I've ever had. Then we go for a romantic walk by the waterfront. I suppose you could do the same at the Georgetown waterfront, but some drunk college kid would probably spill beer on you.

    I don't know of many weekend happy hours, since the bars downtown are packed anyway.

    1. Eve has been open 5 years??? Can't be.

      I do, however, agree that it's a lovely spot for an Anniversary dinner.

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        My mistake. Meant to write 3 years. They do tend to accumulate.

        If you have to do Georgetown, Sea Catch would make a nice lunch but, again, can get very crowded on the weekend. The cocktails at Bar Rouge would be a good followup provided you got there early. Would be very hectic (like most bars) on a Saturday night.