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Sep 12, 2006 02:16 PM

Simple lunch with boss near Westwood Route 128 Amtrak station

I'm meeting driving my boss to the Amtrak station on Route 128 in Westwood and am looking for a place to go for lunch with him before he catches his train.

He's from New Jersey and likes simple, diner-esque kinds of places - but something a slight notch above a typical greasy spoon.

We probably won't have more than 45 minutes or so to eat.

Any suggestions from the Chowhound crowd? Thank you!

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  1. The 50s Diner on the Providence Highway (north of Route 128, just north of the movie theater) is a good place to go for breakfast or lunch. One warning, though: We went on Sunday morning, and the service was horrible. Hopefully we just hit the place on a bad day.

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      I agree, the 50's diner sounds like just what you're looking for. Although it's crazy busy on weekends, I'm sure a weekday lunch would be fine. Right off 128 on Rt. 1, as hiddenboston says, one or two exits north of the Railroad station exit (and those exits are very close to each other) It's hidden in back though, so take a right at the road just after David's Bridal, it's there on the right-hand side. Looks nothing like a diner from the outside.

    2. It's not right at that 128/95 intersection, but there's a good BBQ place in Canton center, not too far from there -- Spitfire Grill. Or you could head into Dedham (also not too far) and he might like The Halfway Cafe. I think the Halfway can vary from site to site, but the Dedham one is much beloved and very generous in it's portions.

      1. Thanks for the tips so far! We'll be driving in from Marlborough - so somewhere north of Westwood would be okay, too. Thank you!

        1. Just off the highway at exit 15(route one) towards Dedham is Joes American Bar and Grill. Quite good IMO, others will disagree.

          Heading the other way down route one is Lamberts Fruit, great italian hoagies but would probably have to eat in the car. Might be nice to pick one up and send it on the train with him.

          1. I've been to this place a couple of times when in that area; I don't think it's too far from the train station, and it's right on 109. They have a little of everything- soups, sandwiches, salads, entrees, etc. Vello's, 679 High St
            Westwood, MA 02090
            (781) 461-2440