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Sep 12, 2006 02:12 PM

new 545 North in Libertyville- anyone been?

Hi all,
I hear there is a new place on Milwaukee Av in Libertyville called 545 North. Anyone been? How is the ambiance? I am assuming the cuisine is american/new american... any reviews?

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  1. Been there. Ambiance is great--noisy, wood floors, cool decor. You can enjoy the ambiance while waiting for a server to notice you. Food is overpriced (for average fare which is American), service bad. For two (one glass of wine), the bill approached $100.00. I should point out that the bill got so high because the restaurant was compelled to add on charges for avocado on a salad and for substituting sweet potato fries.

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      What was ordered? Please tell me you had more than a salad with avocados! If not then I agree, for two people for average American fare that sounds way high.