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Sep 12, 2006 01:58 PM

Fat Cat Wine Bar

Hi everyone - I'm heading to Fat Cat Wine Bar tonight and was wondering how the food is like there? Any rave reviews? What dishes should I be trying?


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  1. I haven't been but I have heard from others on this board that you're in for a real treat.

    1. My first trip to Fat Cat last week supports its good reputation - the 3 of us thoroughly enjoyed our Winterlicious dinner there last week. Food and service both get top marks.

      They combine interesting flavours and foods are well prepared. The monkfish, pork tenderloin and chicken breast were all cooked to perfection. Appetizers (cauliflower soup, salad and chosizo sausage) were all equally well done.

      Fat Cat is a must try!

      1. I didn't much enjoy Winterlicious at Fat Cat. My Chorizo app was okay, but forgettable. Sort of like hot dog goulash, but spicy. Monkfish, also blah. The risotto tasted like ketchup and felt like paste on the inside. The desserts were pretty good, with the apple-apricot cake tasting much better than it looked. It wasn't too bad, but I definitely can't justify the $35 price tag when much better restaurants are offering the same deal.

        1. My Summerlicious last summer at Fat Cat was one of the best nights out I had all year! Excellent dishes, friendly service, and a nice little restaurant. Highly recommended from me personally.

          1. How many Fat Cats are there? Is there one on Eglington and on Roncesvalles? or did one place just move from one location to the other. I am sure I saw a Fat Cat on Roncesvalles this weekend

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              There are two - the bistro is on Eglinton and the newer wine bar is on Roncesvalles. The bistro is the one doing winterlicious.