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Sep 12, 2006 01:52 PM

Kosher chicken in Phoenix?

I'll post this query on the Kosher board, as well. We don't keep kosher, but have dinner guests coming who do. They'll eat what I prepare, even though it's not being prepared with separate utensils, etc., as long as the meat itself is kosher. We're located at Tramonto, which is just off I-17 and Carefree Highway. Can anyone let me know where I would find kosher chicken within a 25- to 30-mile radius?


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  1. first, almost all supermarkets carry Empire Chicken in the frozen (and sometimes, the fresh) section. As frozen chicken goes, its better than most and Kosher. Here is a list of other establishments that offer Kosher shopping in Phoenix. I pulled these from the Phoenix Jewish Directory at I will say this.. if you need a place to go some night, Goldmans is pretty good.

    Aron's International Smokehouse*
    15440 N. 35th Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85053; 602-993-1225

    Bon Appetit*
    1133 E. Glendale Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85020; 602-274-9010

    Dad's Deli *
    Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus
    12701 N. Scottsdale Road
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254; 480-659-9180

    Desert Swirl Frozen Yogurt*
    4293 W. Thunderbird Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85053; 602-548-0979

    Haifa Restaurant *
    7822 N. 12th St., Phoenix 85020

    Imperial Kosher Market*
    1145 E. Glendale Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85020; 602-285-6999
    King Solomon's Pizza *
    4810 N. Seventh St.
    Phoenix, AZ 85014; 602-870-8655

    Scottsdale Kosher Market***
    10211 N. Scottsdale Road
    Scottsdale, AZ 85253
    480-315-8333; Fax: 480-315-8334

    Segal's New Place *
    4818 N. Seventh St.
    Phoenix, AZ 85014; 602-277-5769

    1. Thank you so much, hzp! That's exactly what I needed.

      1. Quickie reminder on kosher birds- don't brine the thing.

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        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          I'm not planning to brine it, but the recipe does call for a marinade - olive oil, garlic, rosemary, salt & pepper - and for it to marinate anywhere from a few hours ahead to overnight. Should I make some adjustment to this?

          1. re: Deenso

            Lose the salt. All of it. It doesn't matter how much or how little; koshering means the bird has been salted quite nicely already, add more and you run the risk of serving Salt Lick Chicken.

        2. Imperial Kosher Market on Glendale is owned by Orthodox. I would try it since there is a substantial number of Orthodox who live in the immediate area, so you're bound to find fresh food. There's also a small restaurant at the end of the plaza called Glatt Kosher.

          1. Just curious... why can't you brine? I just started to brine chicken and found it makes much better dishes. Even though the brine has salt, it doesn't make the dish salty.