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Sep 12, 2006 01:47 PM

Dinner for 20 near Rittenhouse

Looking for suggestions for a group dinner for 20-25 people who will be staying at Radisson Warwick at 17th & Locust.

I would like to keep things between $50-60 and the focus is fun-- we are just as open to a beer and burgers joint as Alma de Cuba.

One thought was Branzino is they can accomodate-- has anyone been there recently?


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  1. I have recently been to branzino - and it was my first time so I have nothing to compare it too (in other words, is it still good). I loved our first time - excellent server/service. And my shrimp and crab pasta was fantastic (as were our grilled calamari starters if a touch oily). we sat in the front room so I have no idea if the back room would be good for you -i didn't even peak in. if I had to say, judging by the front room, I wouldn't necessarily call the place "fun".

    i would call, though, Los Catrines Tequila's MUCHO fun. and I would try there - they'd do a reservation for 20 peeps for sure. And its wicked close to the Warwick.

    Anybody know what goes on with JOlly's now that they're back at the Latham? They've got , per a bit ago, a big burger menu? maybe? I am not sure. But, its right near the Warwick too.

    I wonder if you cld reserve the back bar at Monks - definitely fun, def unique (altho some claim their burgers are slipping...).

    Any chance Ludwig's cld fit the bill?

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      I like Jollys - good burgers and pretty darn good ribs too in my opinion. Only downfall is it can get a bit smoky.

      Monks is great too - fantastic beer selection, great mussels, and I don't think the burgers have skipped a bit.

    2. This may be too late, but if it's not -

      Branzino would be very good. We were there as part of a party of 22, and had an excellent dinner. The food was delicious and the service was gracious. Everyone enjoyed it.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions!

        Monk's is a great idea. I am less familiar with Los catrines or Jolly's, but doing the research is the fun part!

        I probably won't get to this until mid-week, so keep suggestions coming.