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Sep 12, 2006 01:12 PM

suggestion for all those 'x days in y, where do i eat' posts

there's ALWAYS someone coming around asking this question. and its practically daily. these are infrequent posters who never bother posting on their experience. and they occupy a lot of space on an already burgeoning hot posts list.

why doesn't chow put together a list, culled from chowhound posts or otherwise, of suggestions for each major city? the infrequent poster can always be directed there. i know we used to resist anything like this on the old boards because we wanted to always get fresh information, but i think this question is so endemic that veteran posters couldn't be bothered to reply anyway. and it sounds like something right up chows alley.

as any poster who does a bit of homework and has specific questions always draws a response from the boards, i think its a workable compromise.

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  1. In the works my friend.. ;-)

    1. Good point. Drives me nuts how often those posts show up.