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Sep 12, 2006 01:05 PM

Help! Desiccant for Cookies?

Uh-oh. I baked some oatmeal lace cookies last night, which are wafer thin and crispy. Problem is, I didn't consider the high humidity where I live. I'm afraid of the cookies will soak in moisture and getting gummy. This already happened when I fell asleep accidentally before wrapping them up, and I just finished drying them out in the oven and then packing them in parchment paper and paper towels; however, I don't think this will be enough. They still have about 12 hours before some raffle (ugh, who'd bid for soggy, oat-mealy, cookies? =( ), and I won't have an oven to dry them out at work.

Know of any commonly found desiccants that can be thrown into the container? Wood shavings? Probably can't do the baking soda since there's not enough room. Wished I saved my silica packets now.

Appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. How about salt? Coarse grain wrapped in cheesecloth, and a layer of parchment paper to protect the cookies from getting salty.

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      Duhhh! I meant to suggest rice! Like what you do with salt by the ocean.

      1. Your local pharmacy may be a source of "the little silica packets".

        1. I think you might keep them refrigerated until you serve them.

          1. Thanks for the advice, all. I kept the cookies tightly closed in the tupperware with dried rice and papertowels (overkill perhaps, but the peace of mind was golden), and they were perfectly crispy at night. Fetched many compliments. If anyone would like the recipe, it's the least I can do: