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Dining at a B&B

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Can you dine at a Bed & Breakfast without staying overnight? If so, where..recommendations?

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  1. You can dine at the Red Rocker Inn w/o staying overnight - if the space is available. They are located in Black Mountain, North Carolina. They have a web site.

    It is very good.

    1. You don't mention where you are. In Ludlow, Vermont, there's a B&B called The Governor's Inn. I haven't been there for years, but they used to have a fabulous kitchen and were open to the public for dinner - by reservation only.

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        Wineman, Deenso,

        I'm in NJ but we'll be traveling across a number of states this year looking at colleges and thought we'd work in a few good breakfasts along the trail. Thanks for the posts so far!

      2. I have had breakfast here several times and have not been a guest. They welcome anyone and it's so quaint. Richie


        1. In Napa, B&B's are pretty much just that, bed and breakfast. I know of none that serve dinner.

          1. You might want to search bbonline.com for the areas you're interested in. Tons of listings.

            1. there are plenty you can dine for dinner with reservations made ahead. not sure if you're looking local or international but a place called "casa lalla" in marrakech, morocco has michelin star (two i think...correct me if i'm wrong) cuisine and you can make reservations to eat there if not a guest.

              1. Several B&B at Jackson will gladly take dinner guests only. Call around for times, price, etc.