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Sep 12, 2006 12:31 PM

Dining at a B&B

Can you dine at a Bed & Breakfast without staying overnight? If so, where..recommendations?

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  1. You can dine at the Red Rocker Inn w/o staying overnight - if the space is available. They are located in Black Mountain, North Carolina. They have a web site.

    It is very good.

    1. You don't mention where you are. In Ludlow, Vermont, there's a B&B called The Governor's Inn. I haven't been there for years, but they used to have a fabulous kitchen and were open to the public for dinner - by reservation only.

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        Wineman, Deenso,

        I'm in NJ but we'll be traveling across a number of states this year looking at colleges and thought we'd work in a few good breakfasts along the trail. Thanks for the posts so far!

      2. I have had breakfast here several times and have not been a guest. They welcome anyone and it's so quaint. Richie

        1. In Napa, B&B's are pretty much just that, bed and breakfast. I know of none that serve dinner.

          1. You might want to search for the areas you're interested in. Tons of listings.