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Sep 12, 2006 12:16 PM

Crowne Plaza Hotel on Riverwalk in San Antonio...dining recs? Preferably cheap. Thank you!

I've never been to Texas before and I am sooo excited. We're hoping to really get a taste of local cuisine. One thing, though: I don't eat meat. I'm pretty flexible (stock won't bother me) but no hunks of cow. :) As long as there is something on the menu that is not meat, I'll be fine. Thanks in advance! We'll be around for 5 days so we need lots of ideas :)

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  1.'s a list of restaurants I've scouted on the board. Please steer me away from any bad ones, or ones that are very expensive (more than $20/plate for dinner). We're grad students here for a conference and need to be careful with $$.

    El Mirador
    Mi Tierra's
    Guenther House
    La Fogata
    Casa Rio (on riverwalk)
    Massimo's/Grissini's for Italian

    Again, please steer me away from any that aren't terrific, or tell me about your favorites. Am I missing any important ones?

    1. I don't eat on the RiverWalk.
      Gini's which is on Blanco Road has vegetarian dishes as well as others.Then there is a mexican restaraunt on Brees and North New Braunfels across from EZ's Grill.They also have veggie stuff.Ez'sGrill has salads and other stuff and not expensive.Then in Universal City,Is the Patio Cafe.It's next to the big Baptist church on Pat Booker Road.They are reasonable and have veggie stuff.
      Wish I could help you withthat area.Rarely do I go downtown for anything,and I've lived here since 1971.Dad was Air Force and we lived here in the 1950s and 60s.Then we went to Maryland for a year,then came back.

      1. Definitely stay away from the's a tourist trap and the restaurants are dreadful and expensive. For the best Mexican food (and also an SA institution), go to La Fogata. It is a unique experience, and the margaritas are incredible (as are the tacos nortenos and queso die for). For REALLY good Tex Mex, I think Tomatillo's is the's on Broadway, about 5 mins from downtown. Mi Tierra is pretty good, and also an SA institution, but it's REALLY greasy.

        1. In my opinion, the best quintessential Tex-Mex is at Blanco Cafe on Blanco Road. (There are several Blanco Cafes in the restaurant listings, but the one on Blanco Road is the one you want. It's not very far from downtown.) Something about the flavor of the chile gravy on their cheese enchiladas just says "San Antonio" to me. La Fogata is also good, and Mi Tierra is a sentimental favorite where I was introduced to real Tex-Mex nearly thirty years ago (and the place hasn't changed a bit).

          1. Going by your list, my two cents....
            Rosario's -You'll have a bit of a walk to this southtown location, but it's definately worth it if a noisy vibrant locale is no objection.
            El Mirador- I've lived here 25+ years and have never been, but then I do remember reading that there were >700 mexican restaurants in SA
            Mi Tierra's -As noted above, also packed with tourists. Food is nothing to write home about
            Guenther House -A must do for Sunday brunch or a lite lunch.
            La Fogata -About 6-8 miles north of downtown but not far off I-10. I heard they were bought out by Tomatillo's a few years back. Calvillo family opened El Mirasol (blanco rd NORTH) since then. Both are good, can be crowded on weekends but they have great ritas and a nice patio for waiting.
            Boudro’s- Crowded, possibly outside your budget but good food (not traditional tex-mex by any stretch of the imagination)
            Casa Rio (on riverwalk)-See Mi Tierra
            Azuca- Also in southtown, nuevo latino rather than t/m but innovative dishes and a great bar. Probably outside your budget
            Aldaco's- See El Mirador
            Massimo's/Grissini's for Italian-Old Massimos is closed but restaurant has moved to Fairmount Hotel. Great food but kinda pricey. Grissinis is in Medical Center-good lunch place but dinner entrees are $$