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Have You ever "treated".......

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Have you ever bought lunch etc. for the policemen, firemen, servicemen, in the deli line,restaurant, coffe shop etc with you as a way of saying thanks??

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  1. Once I gave my morning "toll gal" a sub sandwich with my change. The next day she handed me a greeting card with my receipt. When I got to work and opened the note there were two tickets to see a concert and the words "pay it forward, baby" written inside. That memory still makes me smile.

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        But she didn't take her own advice. She paid back, instead of forward.

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          The toll gal paid back...and you're right she misunderstood my intention but also felt compelled to give...hey, that kind of humanity is not a bad thing....and I donated the concert tickets to the fire chief and his wife...so its all good. This thread points out how we are trying to keep simple kindness a part of our lives.

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          Perhaps thanks for doing a job that many won't do to keep us safe?

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            Is this a serious question or are you trying to be funny?

          2. I've never done that but, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 -- I live in Manhattan -- I baked dozens and dozens of brownies and several pies and took them to my local police precinct and fire house, along with notes of condolence and thanks.

            1. My husband gives to all the local services when they have fund drives. He thinks this will get us good treatment if we ever have a fire or accident. I don't think they want cookies or treats, they prefer cash.

              1. I routinely pay the bills of soldiers in uniform; occasionally I'll pay the bills of firefighters or police officers. Always on the Q.T., of course -- good works should be done anonymously.

                1. Wow, I have several firefighters in my family, and have never even heard of this! Maybe it's routine so they never mention it. What's been the reaction of the recipients? Have they ever declined? I would think cops might decline, because they wouldn't want to appear like they were doing favors later on if they came into contact with the "giver." Interesting question...

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                    Hence why anonymity is paramount. I have no idea what their reactions are, because I feel like getting the reaction would be tantamount to being thanked.

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                      Actually, my question about reaction was to the original poster...it just happened to come right after your comment. I think your anonymity idea is a good one.

                  2. I never bought a meal for them, but in my teens I lived about 1 block from a suburban firehouse and whenever I made trays of food for parties, things like lasagna, I always made one extra and dropped it off at the firehouse. Around ten minutes later you would see several ambulances and cop cars arrive to join the firemen for dinner.

                    1. I treat all my local, state, and federal employees every week I'm paid.

                      1. by my way any person in a drinking establishment with a military uniform will not put their hand in their pocket.

                        1. I started baking for my friend's firestation as a way to thank them and to try out different dessert recipes. It's a win win all the way around.

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                            What a great idea! And the fact that your friend could bring them in solves my dilema. In a big city, unfortunately, I would worry that our servicemen/women would worry about crazy people poisoning them with gifts of food. Not a problem if you live near a station and the people there know you, or if you have a friend woh works there, or if you're with a group (church, school, social club), but random acts of kindness are so suspect these days. Sad, I know, but it's kept me from randomly showing up with homemade food at the local police and fire stations.

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                              I never really thought about that. I do live in a big city...Houston...and at my friends firestation they routinely get gifts of food. He didn't seem to indicate that any of it was ever suspect.

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                                I thought the same thing...I would wonder if they'd eat something that wasn't made by a member of the department.

                          2. During the Los Angeles grocery store strike of a few years ago, I occasionlly brought a box of donuts to the striking employees of my local store as they stood outside in the early morning hours.

                            1. Last summer, my DW and another couple friend went fishing off Montauk for stripers (on a friday). We got VERY lucky and pulled in 12 27-36 inch fish. The owners of the boat were volunteer firemen and were talking the whole time about a benefit dinner they wer having that weekend for the fire department to raise money to keep them going. On the way back to the docks they asked if they could filet the fish. We told them to please take them as our donation to the dinner. You should have seen their smiles. The 12 fish were enough to feed almost everyone who attended the dinner and saved hundreds of dollars for the team.