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What have you made lately?

Central Kitchen tonight!

NoShoGrl Sep 12, 2006 11:14 AM

it's my birthday! what should i get??

  1. coookie Sep 14, 2006 08:56 PM

    second the moules and steak frites.

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    1. re: coookie
      aquariumtown Sep 14, 2006 11:49 PM

      The service has definitely gone downhill recently. They used to be wonderful. The last couple of times I've been, not so much. Delays, wierd seating decisions by hosts, etc. It has kind of bummed us out--this used to be our favorite place in part b/c of the feeling of human warmth that went with the food.

      1. re: aquariumtown
        NoShoGrl Sep 15, 2006 12:22 AM

        yes, you hit the nail on the head exactly. i think if the service were what i would expect for the $$, it would have made the food taste even better. oh well, i think many restaurants are just following the trend of poor customer service all around these days. i remember busting my butt and being a great waitress for a $5 tip! i do believe that the high ticket prices of restaurants now, creates a lack of care and incentive to give great service, because you are almost guaranteed a fat tip just based on your bill. i like most people i would think tip 20% on a regular basis, so even a not so great tip of 15% of a $200 bill is still an impressive gratutity for often less than an hour of work. just my 2 cents!

        1. re: NoShoGrl
          MarkT Sep 15, 2006 03:04 AM

          Coming late with the wine is a deal breaker for me. Anyone in the business of serving food absolutely has to understand that you are ordering wine because you want to pair it with your food. If the wine shows up late, the food is compromised too. It doesn't matter how good the food is if they blow the wine.

          I had this happen to me at Sibling Rivalry, and because of that, I'll never go back.

          1. re: NoShoGrl
            Dax Sep 15, 2006 02:51 PM

            The weird part is that CK has so few tables so it should be easier to handle them between the ... two? waitresses and the hostess. The one time I went (last winter I think), service was excellent as was the food.

          2. re: aquariumtown
            aquariumtown Sep 19, 2006 10:45 PM

            It seems to me that restaurants like this one depend not on the proportion of tables:servers--they have enough staff--but whether the staff enjoy their work and are good enough at their jobs to make good decisions. for instance, a host who says, when you want the seat by the window, "well, no, we seat more than two people at that table" and then allows himself to get bullied by another pair into seating them there in full view of the first pair. That was actually the final straw. I'm not proud of this but of course we stewed about it with simmering resentment for the rest of the meal. And we didn't blame the pair that was more aggressive than we were--we just realized that when service is not good, that's how you get what you want, which in turn gives a place a bad vibe.

            The brilliant (aussie? brit--anyway, commonwealth) hostess who used to work there would always act like we'd made her day by coming in, whereas the "umm, could you actually sit over _there_?" dude acted like we stressed him out.

            So, I don't know what changed but they used to have folks who really seemed like pros, and the last few times we went (it's been a while now) really didn't.

            I hate to admit I care about stuff like this. But for a place like CK, which is about feeling cozy and welcomed and somewhere special, it seems to matter to me.

        2. h
          HeelsSoxHound Sep 14, 2006 07:27 PM

          sorry to hear that the service was less than stellar... did you eat at the bar? it really does make a huge difference. i know you were there for your birthday, so probably not as romantic-- but all in all, it should make for a much better meal service wise. glad to hear the rest was all up to par.

          1. n
            NoShoGrl Sep 13, 2006 11:54 PM

            i'm here to report on our dinner last night...
            we started with the mussels, the back bar cure, and a caesar salad to split. all very good.

            i had the steak frites, which was delicious, perfectly cooked ribeye, with blue cheese butter, and yummy frites. K got cioppino, which was good, but not great and R got the chicken fricassee which was really good with mashed potatoes that was studded with ham, and delicious wild mushrooms, it was a bit too salty, but good none the less.

            desserts were good, the truffle cake was so ridiculously rich and chocolately i couldn't eat more than a couple bites, very decedant. the panacotta was with strawberries and rhubarb, and was good, but i didn't love it.

            the service was less than stellar, we waited so long to order cocktails, that we decidied to get a bottle of wine instead to have with our apps, but didn't get the wine until after the apps came out. the waitress made a joke that she had to go to france for it, and it was ok, but we really did wait a long time. we then chose another wine to have with our entrees, (made the same joke back to her, that we would get it if she didn't have to go to italy for it - hinting that we didn't want to wait that long again)and the same thing again, we were pretty much done with our entrees before we saw a guy show up with the bottle, so we cancelled it, by that time we were thinking about after dinner drinks, not more wine.

            over all i thought the food was good, a cool room (if a little dark), service could have been a lot better, but a nice night.

            i must say, it seems lately that everytime i go out for an expensive dinner ($70+) per person, i end up leaving feeling a bit ripped off. our bill was $200, and a $40 tip, was really too high for that meal.

            1. h
              HeelsSoxHound Sep 12, 2006 09:30 PM

              definitely eat at the bar... ask for kevin. agree with mussels--and back bar cure. oh--and cold water oysters are probably back on, as it's an "r" month. they usually sell them for a couple bucks a pop. steak frites is ALWAYS awesome, too...

              1. BostonZest Sep 12, 2006 02:23 PM

                We returned from two weeks at the beach on Saturday and went to Central craving solace and some reward for being back in the city.

                I had the Chicken Fricassee over mashed potatoes with wild mushrooms and bacon. YUM! Pure comfort on a plate and a very generous portion so that I had Sunday supper too. The French Chardonnay suggested by the bartender was a perfect match.

                Husband had the tuna with polenta and his plate went back to the kitchen scraped clean of every speck of food and sauce. He had a lovely vin de pays Rose with it.

                We enjoy eating at their bar where the service is as good as it gets.

                1. rlh Sep 12, 2006 02:15 PM

                  Hands-down complete agreement -- GET THE MOULES FRITES!...and the creme brulee (I think it's one of the very best ANYWHERE)...and let them recommend a glass (or bottle) of wine...and try the "back bar special", whatever it is.

                  1. j
                    Jesseve Sep 12, 2006 11:57 AM

                    Mussels. Trust me.

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