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Where Can I Get Konnyaku?

I haven't checked super 88 or yoshinoya in porter square...but does anyone know if these stores or any other ones care this product? If so, what kinds do they carry?


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  1. Kotobukiya in Porter Square definitely has it . If you're not picky about Japanese brand versus Chinese, I've also seen some at Ming's on Washington Street in varied forms - I imagine all the Chinese supermarkets may have it.

    1. I've gotten the konnyaku shirataki noodles at Kotobukiya, and they also have the big squares of it. I don't know if there are any other kinds... but I'm not the most knowledgeable about it either!

      1. thanks for all the feedback...where did the heck did I get "yoshinoya" from?

        I think I will go to porter square this friday and check out the "squares" of konnyaka. Seems as though I can do more with it than noodles

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          where did the heck did I get "yoshinoya" from?

          In California; Yoshinoya is the name of a "fast food" chain.

        2. In Cambridge, Central Square, Yoshinoya is a Japanese grocery store..on Prospect St. Also you can find the Japanese gyudon fast food chain "Yoshinoya" in NYC (near Times Square). (But I prefer Matsuya, myself..I wish they were also in the States)

          1. I must've been thinking about the grocery store on prospect st. I have never been there but always drive by it on the way to inman square. Would they care konnyaku?

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              I'm not sure, but there is a good chance Yoshinoya would
              carry it. Give'em a call (quick google search gives their
              number as 617-491-8221).

            2. Reliable market in Union Sq. also has it for sure. I am not sure but I may have seen it at Russo's too (Don't quote on me!).

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                reliable market, eh? I wonder why Korean grocery stores sell japanese products, but japanese stores tend not to carry korean things? Both cuisines have a surprising number of things in common yet are completely opposite.

                what is russo's by the way? Also, does reliable carry japanese or korean konnyaku?

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                  Russo's is a large market in Watertown by the river which carries a fantastic assortment of very fresh, inexpensive and exotic produce. Many varieties of all the staples, but also Asian and South American vegetables that you don't usually see - gai lan, bok choy, bitter melon, plantains, lemongrass, lychees, etc. They also make their own pasta and have great deli and bakery sections. I'm always shocked by how good the value is there.