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Sep 12, 2006 07:15 AM

Neng Myun

Any more reccomendations for an awesome bowl of neng myun? I'm trying to discover the best in this town! Here's a review and some photos of my visit to Yu Chun Restaurant in Koreatown:

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  1. Chung Ki Wa on 3545 Olympic has good naengmyun. Note that it's nothing like the chilk (arrowroot) naengmyun served at Yu Chun.

    You should also check out the dong chi mi noodles served at The Corner Place on James M. Woods and Westmoreland. Somen noodles served in a cold clear kimchi soup.

    1. Please dont go to chung ki wa. i dont know why, but their quality has really suffered lately. i would stay away.

      1. There's a kiosk inside Kaju Market on Western that has excellent nengmyun.

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          Thanks for the recs! How much is the neng myun at the kaju market? the cold somen noodles also sound tasty! Can't wait to try it out!

          1. re: jniceyw

            i don't remember exactly how much but it's cheaper than the other places because it's not a sit-down.

        2. after a late night attempt at going to yu chun the other day, only to find it closed, we stumbled into albee (i think) in the same minimall. their naeng myun was not swimming in ice slush like at yu chun but it was still quite delicious in its own way. definitely better than at most places.

          surprisingly, another good naeng myun can be had at shurabol(i think) a kbbq place further north on western. smackin' good broth flavor.