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Sep 12, 2006 07:09 AM

Macau tomorrow lunch - any suggestions

I had a diet dinner tonight - a liquid shake or two to prepare for a spanking lunch at Macau tomorrow. Would appreciate knowing what other Hounds have ordered.

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  1. We were flying solo here so dived into a large menu. One of the things I love about a Chinese restaurant is that when you enter, you are embraced with tea, water, soup and a feeling that the kitchen is gearing up to attack your hunger. At Macau, its a more reserved atmosphere - not the wild embrace we are used to. Large menu and we chose the Macau specialities - bar b que (kind of teriyaki) - Macau bun - a good crusty bun packed with sliced pork, lettuce and tomato (good flavor pork) then spicey shrim - I wish it had been spicier and more important, hot. Peashoots - very garlicy and tasty, jook - pork and greens - needed flavoring.

    Its back to New Concept or NYC seafood next week - the tried and trues, before we venture to more exploration.