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I am craving some Okra! :) I think I saw some at the last Farmer's Market I went to, and will be going to the CC one tomorrow... so I know if I see it there, I'll snap it up!!!

I love Okra's green taste, but the appearence of slimy okra turns me off. Is there a simple way to cook (That is not frying) that can help reduce the slime? With Nopales we leave them in water for a bit. Does that work with sliced Okra?


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  1. Roasted Okra, I have been craving them myself.

    1. I find that smaller okra are less inclined to become slimy. And you mustn't overcook okra. I love Suvir Saran's okra recipe in his INDIAN HOME COOKING and at his restaurant that the chowhounds extol, Dévi.

      1. Acidity will reduce the slime factor; in cajun cooking you often see okra cooked with tomatoes for this purpose, or a little cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice is added to the dish. My grandmother taught me to rub the cutting board with a cut lemon or sprinkle the outside of the pods with a little vinegar before slicing to cut back on the goo.

        Okra smothered with garlic, onions, green pepper, tomatoes, fresh limas, and some fresh corn cut off the cob is a wonderful thing. I also like it cooked down with fresh shrimp & tomatoes, too.

        1. I live the crispy okra a local chinese indian place near me serves. It is whole okra, deep fried and covered with cayenne pepper, seasoned salt, etc. I know you said no deep frying but you may be able to replicate it by roasting the whole okra pods.

          1. I love okra any way it is prepared (even slimy. Growing up in the South, my mother mostly fried it or boiled to the slimy stage. My GF would only eat it fried when I first started cooking for her but now she loves it just barely cooked to the tender crisp stage. Buy the smallest and most tender baby okra possible and just throw it into a couple of inches of salted, boiling water for 2 to 4 minutes (start checking at 2 minutes)- drain and add a little butter, lemon juice and S&P. Simple and delicious. You could add whatever other seasonings you favor as well. Also good to saute some fresh tomatoes in OO with onions, garlic and whatever else you like (bacon or the items Hungry Celeste mentions above) and then add small okra (either whole or cut) and cook just a few minutes more until the okra is done to your liking. The less time you cook it, the less slime....

            1. Here's how I roll.. Get fresh okra from the farmers market, pieces no longer than 4 inches. Slice into 1/4 inch pieces, toss in a bowl with corn meal, salt, pepper and cayenne. Using your hands or a sieve, get as much of the mix off of the okra before hot pan frying (I know) in a small amount of canola oil. I use a non-stick pan here, it just makes life easier. Don't use olive oil. Cook for just a few minutes, tossing in the pan often. The corn meal should crisp up, contrasting any slime that is hiding inside.

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                If you have a "fryer" like fries are cooked in, you can fry okra to it's best taste ever, however you must have a fryer which comes back to temp very quickly, or you will have greasy okra. Season the same as you mentioned, shake all the excess flower etc off and drop into 360 degree fryer until you see the okra curl on its edges....yum!

              2. "OKRA - THE KILLER VEGTABLE"
                starring Jack Okie as "BULL" and Lana Turnip as "The Dish"

                But seriously, okra is great roasted. coat with some olive oil, sprinkle a little salt and place on a cookie sheet. Set oven to about 350 degrees and check after about ten minutes. Your time and tempertature may be different.You may also try humming the theme from JAWS while you do it to get in the right mood for,
                "OKRA - THE KILLER VEGTABLE"