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Sep 12, 2006 04:59 AM

Flan (San Diego)

I just got some flan from Super Cocina. Its very firm - not custard-like at all - and square. I'm just curious what "traditional" flan is supposed to be like (or is it like other mexican dishes that vary widely). Also, are there any places that have really good flan in Sandy Ago...

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  1. I love the flan at Andres Cuban Restaurant. It's on Morena Blvd. That place rocks.

    1. Yes, flan can differ quite a bit in Mexico, but it usually isn't "very firm", mostly kind of an eggier creme caramel. A lot of the flan I've had in Mexico - and granted flan is NOT my favorite dessert by any sretch of the imagination - is more creamy in texture than firm, and most of it is actually quite good.

      One of the most bizaare incarnations of flan that I have every seen SOB is made in a ring mold. When it's unmolded the bottom is chocolate cake and the rounded top part of the mold is flan. Since chocolate cake and flan is not my idea of the perfect flavor combination, I've never tried it.

      I think the best bet for reasonably decent Mexican flan in San Diego is probably going to be in the pastry department, or the food court, at Northgate.

      Was what you had at Super Cocina menued as flan, or something else? An interesting dessert that I have had in Mexico that bears a passing resemblence to flan is rompope gelatin, which *is* served in firm squares, often floating in additional rompope. Now, this stuff is GREAT. Way better than flan in my opinion :-D.

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        I guess I didn't ask - I grabbed it from the fridge. It was square and had the flan-like think caramel water surrounding it. It definitely didn't have the creamy thing going on and was more like what happens when a traditional custard is over-cooked. The flan as Chilango's also was lacking the smoothness and had a more curdled egg texture.

        1. re: afinkle

          You might try Andre's then. I normally have not cared for flan, but theirs I liked. It was smooth and creamy. Not sure the particular differences between Cuban and Mexican varieties, however.