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Sep 12, 2006 04:55 AM

Taco Tuesday in the Irvine/Tustin/Costa Mesa/Santa Ana area?

Any Taco Tuesdays worth trying in the Irvine/Tustin/Costa Mesa/Santa Ana area?

I've had Arribas (both at the University Center across from UCI and also the one over in MetroPointe), but they're grease bombs, being that they're deep fried and all.

Any others?

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  1. Not in the requested area, but DUKE'S in Malibu. :-)

    1. There's a tacos al carbon place in Tustin, can't remember the name of the place. It's just ok IMO, but it's been there for years. Someone must love the place enough to keep it open.

      It's on Newport Ave at McFadden. It's adjacent to the parking lot where India Sweets and Spices is located.

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      1. re: Professor Salt

        I believe you're referring to Taco Factory, on the corner of Walnut and Newport. I've never had their tacos, but their carna asada burritos are vasty superior to Alberta's...also in Tustin just a few blocks away.

        I know Fresca's on the corner of Red Hill and Edinger has Taco Tuesdays. Alas, I can't vouch for their tacos either.

        1. re: Afty

          That's it. Taco Factory. Thanks. Coworkers and I used to hit that place for Taco Tuesday ten years ago.

          I still favor El Toro Bravo's carne asada, no contest.

      2. Elmo my friend,

        I give you my secret favorite Mexican restaurant with the understanding that you won't blog about it before I do. =b

        Jugos Acapulco
        745 W 19th St.
        Costa Mesa, CA 92627

        The tacos are good, the tortas are excellent, albeit heart-attack inducing, and the aqua frescas are a must-have. Plus, the prices are dirt cheap. I think it's near the one of the Prof's chosen Mexican feeding spots.

        It's also near Sushi Shibucho, on the other side of the street. BTW, you have better luck getting a bar seat at Sushi Shibucho if you hit it near the end of lunch service mid-week. I used to work in the area and never had a problem getting a seat. 'Course, I do speak some Japanese, and Chef Shibutani has a bit of a soft spot for Taiwanese pandas. =D

        - CP

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        1. re: Chubbypanda

          I like Jugo Acapulco's aguas, good stuff. Yes, it's in the same strip mall as my "chosen Mexican feeding spot," El Toro Bravo. That's funny, and very true!

        2. El Ranchito on 1st in SA has some pretty good grub. Their Fish Tacos are exceptional and their taco Tues have been decent. Been around 60 years.

          1. Not on Tuesday, but how about Taco Thursdays?

            Not exactly standard tacos, but 3 Mediterranean Tacos for $10:


            Black Sheep Bistro
            303 El Camino Real
            (714) 544-6060