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Fresno Breakfast Burrito Report

During the past summer I was chatting with my students about breakfast burritos, and one of them asked me where in Fresno one could find the best breakfast burrito. To my surprise, I didn’t have an answer (though I should have said, “In my kitchen”). That launched me on my quest. Here’s my report—hopefully the first of many. But first, I have some sad and unpleasant business to do:

RIP: SUZY’S BBQ breakfast burrito (formerly at the corner of Shaw & Cedar). This was one of my favorites until they closed a few months ago. A soft flour tortilla filled with egg, cheese, pieces of bacon, chunks of potato, and chunky pico de gallo-style salsa full of enough onion to give you bad breath until lunch time. If you asked for some spicy sauce they’d add a little something like Sriracha to it. Those bacony bites will be missed.

Now, on with the report:

TACO GRANDE. Their chile colorado egg burrito (item #4 on their breakfast menu) is so good it’s the breakfast I have a hard time getting past to try something else. Being a chile verde man myself, I was disappointed when I visited Taco Grande and they didn’t have a breakfast burrito with green sauce. So I ordered the chile colorado. And I’ve never looked back.

Medium-large size burrito. Eggs, unmashed pinto beans, chile colorado sauce, and cheese in a warmed and grilled-to-a-light-crispy and chewy tortilla (but not stiff or brittle). The chile colorado sauce is smooth with no meat chunks in it, but tastes like it’s made with meat (kind of like a chili gravy). It drips with juice when you eat it—especially as you get toward the bottom of your burrito; it doesn’t take long before every bite squirts liquid into your waxed-papered plastic basket. Alan’s First Law of Gastronomy: the messier it is, the better it tastes. They have hot sauce (red and green) in bottles in the fridge (next to the bottled drinks). At the Pinedale location, 3 and a half bucks gets you a burrito and a drink (coffee, OJ, or soda).

At their Clovis location I tried a ham & egg burrito (item #1 on their breakfast menu). Medium-large burrito containing eggs, unmashed pinto beans, diced ham, and cheese. Red and green hot sauce in the fridge. The day I visited, however, my 3 and a half bucks got my only a burrito with no drink. Just as well, though, since they only had soda. This burrito was on the dry side; the beans and taco sauce were the only liquid, though it got a bit messier as I got down into the bottom of the burrito. Ham was a bit on the salty side, but it was in nice chunks, not slices. Overall, tasty but unremarkable. The Clovis location is a larger store than the Pinedale location.

Taco Grande
7357 N. Blackstone Ave. (in Pinedale)
Fresno, CA 93650

Taco Grande
151 W. Bullard Ave., Suite 101
Clovis, CA 93612

breakfast served 7:00-10:00am
other breakfast burritos also available

SHOP N GO market (at Alluvial & Fresno St.). My wife and I tried three different medium-large (semi-portable) breakfast burritos here: tri-tip & egg burrito, a vegetarian egg & cheese burrito, and a chorizo & egg burrito. All contain choice of meat (or no meat on request), cheese, egg, and nicely-flavored potato wedges. Tri-tip tasted very good, meaty and cooked well, though not very spiced. Chorizo was mixed in with the eggs, tasted pretty much like any other chorizo I’ve ever had. They were very willing to make our burrito without meat, and they reduced the price by a buck. While generally tasting good, all three burritos were on the dry side, the only real moisture was the salsa we added to our burritos after we purchased them. Also, burritos were warm but not hot (temperature-wise). They are pre-made and rest on a steam table where you can pick them up; the cheese inside gets soft but doesn’t really melt (this was true of the burritos we picked up off the steam tray as well as the meatless burrito they made for our order). It was here that my wife invented the “melted cheese test” because these burritos didn’t pass. Also, the salsa you put on your burrito is not spicy. Breakfast or lunch, though, it does smell delicious when you walk into the store.

Shop N Go
7420 Fresno St. (at Alluvial
)Fresno, CA
breakfast served 6:00-10:00am
other meats also available

TACOS MARQUITOS. Looks like it caters to the university crowd (and appetite). Large (not portable; served on a plate with a knife and fork) burritos with chunks of potato, pinto beans, cheese, and pieces of bacon mixed into the egg. One of my favorites. Perhaps the best part was the excellent tortilla which is almost certainly made right there in the store. It was thin and turned almost translucent when graced with the juice inside the burrito. The burrito was moist but not wet. Very hot (temperature-wise). Salsa comes in three levels of spice: mild, medium, and hot; tried the hot and was not disappointed. Regular price is $3.65, but from when they open (7:00am) until 11:00am they have a special price of $2.95.

Tacos Marquitos
1772 E. Barstow Ave. (Bulldog Plaza, at Cedar Ave.)
Fresno, CA
other meats also available

EL CONCHINITO CONTENTO. Sit-down restaurant in the Tower District. My wife ordered the breakfast burrito and declared it the best yet. Egg, refried beans (probably with that yummy lard in them), cheese, and thinly sliced and nicely cooked potato slices. Wife said part of what made this burrito so good were the ideal proportions of all the ingredients. The salsa on the table was also quite tasty.

On a side note: I had the huevos rancheros, and while I was less impressed with this dish than with the breakfast burrito (it was swimming in too much liquid), I will note that all the food (salsa, sauces, beans, etc.) tasted homemade. For example, the corn tortilla under my huevos rancheros was a store-bought tortilla, but the corn tortillas they brought to the table for me to eat with my breakfast were definitely homemade tortillas—warm and nice and thick and chewy. We’ll definitely head back for another taste of that burrito and to try some more of their breakfast and lunch menu.

El Conchinito Contento
88 E. Olive Ave.
Fresno, CA 93728

Finally, I’m somewhat embarrassed to include the FRESNO CITY COLLEGE CAFETERIA—I was desperate for some breakfast, so when in Rome—but since I did eat a breakfast burrito I might as well include it. And, as you can imagine, it wasn’t very good. Large burrito with egg, hash browns, cheese, chunky salsa, and meat (optional) such as bacon or sausage. The burrito hovered somewhere between lukewarm and cold—a microwave would be a 150% improvement. Definitely failed the melted cheese test. Hash browns were dry. If I’m desperate, I’ll eat one again. But only if I’m desperate.

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  1. Alan, thanks. I need to get to a Taco Grande. I'll throw out a recommendation for Burrito Loco (I'm having brain fade on the name right now, I think that's the right name - it's at Champlain and Teague - a couple doors down from Vons.) Anything with chorizo usually gets my vote, but their chorizo and egg is big and portable. You can get anything to go, but the inside is fairly big and you can sit and enjoy it there as well.

    Next question: I am always in search of really good huevos rancheros. El Conchito Contento used to have a fairly decent plate, but I haven't been there in quite a while. Ernesto's (again I keep thinking I may have the name wrong, it's on Ventura before you get to the Fairgrounds) is so-so, depends on who's in the kitchen apparently. Guadalajara (on Weber) was so-so (I haven't tried any other locations.) Any other suggestions?

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      I'm thinking you have a topic here that deserves it's own thread, tavmark. As mentioned in my response to Alan, I've kind of gotten into a rut with Los Amigos. Served with nicely browned potatoes and decent frijoles. Also like their salsa to pour all over the top.

      I've heard that the popular diner (blanking on the name) on the S side of Olive just west of Hwy 99 does a good job, but no first hound experience. I'll also pick my BIL's brain since he's tried almost every dive in the 'burg, and post back.

      1. re: tavmark

        I love huevos rancheros, but I guess I don't eat it much because I tend to eat Mexican food at take-out places a lot, and take-out places don't have huevos rancheros very often. So I don't have many suggestions for you.


        I enjoy h.r. at Toledo's (the one in Pinedale, but I suspect the ones at Shaw & Fresno and the one in Clovis would also work well). Other than that, all I can think of is places I've eaten h.r. in Las Vegas and in the LA/OC area down south.

        I think PolarBear is right. Maybe it's time for a h.r. quest.

      2. Great topic and report, Alan. Seems everytime I get a craving for a breakfast burrito I'm on the run and end up grabbing whatever is close by or convenient along my route, and am almost always disappointed.

        Last spring I hit El Conchonito Contento several times, really enjoy the place but haven't tried their breakfast fare as yet, will get back soon.

        Will also check Los Amigos (NE Shaw & West) to see if they offer one, they're my goto place for huevos rancheros since it's close to home.

        A few other places worth checking might be:

        Don Pepe (SE Gettysburg & Blackstone)

        any of the three Valadez family places:

        Country Fare (S side of Belmont btw Maple & Chestnut)
        Casa Valadez (NE Butler & Chestnut)
        Cafe Leon (4239 N. Blackstone, just N of Ashlan, W side)

        Fiesta Mkt. food court (SE Tulare & First) and the opposite corner has Taco Rapido (great posole).

        Guadalajara on Weber N of Shields

        Cuca's in the Tower Dist. on Olive

        Lorena's on Belmont x fr Roeding Park

        and of course Chris' Mkt. on Kern on the westside

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        1. re: PolarBear

          I have some of these places on my "to do" list for breakfast burritos, but some of these are new to me. I tend to stick more to take-out burritos, but as you can see, I'll visit a sit-down place when I hear about good chow.

          Some of these places I've been to and enjoy for lunch or dinner (e.g., Don Pepe's and Fiesta Foods), and some of them I've had breakfast burritos at but that was so long ago I don't remember enough to report, so I'll have to revisit (i.e., Don Pepe's again). But if there's one thing I love, it's a purpose for eating breakfast.

        2. Speaking of h.r. I did have a pretty good one in Delano this morning. I'll post the review on the Delano thread because I have some addresses for some other places I remembered.

          1. Stopped by La Autentica Taqueria this am andgot a breakfast burrito (3.49) with chorizo and added queso to it. First bite I thought way too much tortilla but after stripping the end off of it, my mood lifted greatly. Got it to go and it was still structurally intact after the 20 min. trip to the office. It wasn't the messy type described by alan, more like all of the ingredients melded together in a smooth creamy delight, eggs, chorizo, queso and a few small pieces of tender potato wrapped in a large homemade (I assume) tortilla.

            I grabbed little containers of the salsa fresca, tomatillo, and the roasted red salsas (get the bright red w/ flecks of chiles in it, not the homogenous dull brick red, too much vinegar, cumin?) all with a nice kick but not over the top.

            La Autentica Taqueria (sign just says "Mexican Food")
            3069 W. Ashlan (SW at Marks)

            1. This weeks schedule offered me the chance to go on a BBB (breakfast burrito binge). Here's some brief reports:

              El Cochonito Contento on Olive west of Palm (@ 6.00)
              Pretty decent version with the chorizo more evident than the one from La Autentica Taqueria, it also seemed to be a little smaller. No verde sauce so I opted for the hot over their regular red (which is quite good btw). The hot was a nice orange color and came in a clear plastic container smaller than normal 2-3 oz versions. Great flavor and bite, usually I'll go through 3-4 of the larger size salsas, but this one little sucker did the job.

              Al's Cafe on Olive west of Hwy 99 (4.95 add 1.00 for cheese)
              Strange ordering over the phone, asked for the breakfast burrito with chorizo and cheese, told that wasn't their breakfast burrito, did I want a regular burrito? OK, I'll have a chorizo burrito with egg and cheese.... oh, it comes with egg? Did I want to add rice.... no, just cheese. Anyway, this was the 500 lb gorilla of the week, huge in dimensions and heft. It contained standard refried beans that managed to seep through a section of the wrap, but was still able to manage eating it without a knife and fork. Flavor was OK and thought it was a good value for the quantity, red sauce was again OK, but not great.

              Cuca's on Olive near Van Ness in the Tower District (@5.50 w/tax)
              Aha! This one was a standout. Held up to the trip back to the office, again only red salsa to accompany, but very tasty. The chorizo was up front in this one and not only had great flavor but that drippy, juicy, quality that Alan mention in his original post. Was still able to manage without utensils, will definitely go back for this one again.

              El Bajio #2 on Blackstone south of Clinton (@5.50 w/tax)
              Having been here for their decent weekday lunch buffet and needing chow yesterday morning close to the office decided to give them a shot. Again, told no verde salsa (they have it out during the week???) and in contrast to the friendly weekday service, this bordered on being surly. Good size, comparable to the others (exc. for Al's) and full of meat, but it had no flavor, I had a hard time believing it was even chorizo. Wouldn't waste the calories here again for a BB, will stick with what they do best.

              Now I guess I need to get by Taco Grande for a comparison test. Also have high expectations for Don Pepe and Chris' Mkt.

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              1. re: PolarBear

                Loved reading your report, Dave. What with the various postings on huevos rancheros, and an inspiration to branch out into the deliciousness of machaca, huevos Mexicana, jamon, chorizo, tocino, breakfast tortas, breakfast platos, etc., I was considering abadoning the BBQ (breakfast burrito quest) and taking up a broader MBQ (Mexican breakfast quest) instead. With your report, now I'll have to reconsider.

                Not to side-track the discussion away from Fresno (because there's a lot more to say about breakfast burritos in Fresno), but I can't help thinking fondly of the breakfast burritos they have at Caruso's Deli in San Luis Obispo. IIRC they call it a "steak burrito" or "tri-tip and egg burrito" or something like that. It had chopped-up pieces of steak, a _fried_ egg (instead of scrambled), a sloppy mess of something like Mexican-style stewed tomatoes, grilled onions, and yellow cheese. Definitely not authentically Mexican, but darned delicious nonetheless. I'd love to find something like that in Fresno.

                1. re: alanstotle

                  The morning I stopped into Cuca's I ran into an old pal originally from Mexico, he was chowing down on a plate full of machaca, looked excellent and definitely designed for a serious appetite.

                2. re: PolarBear

                  I should also mention: I had the breakfast burrito at Don Pepe's a few months ago. Didn't take notes, but I wasn't as impressed with it as I am with their lunch-time foods (esp. compared to the tacos and the shrimp dishes). The burrito I had wasn't bad (by any stretch of the imagination) but I wasn't as excited about it as I am their regular menu. Glazebrookgirl finds that hard to believe (given how good their menu is) but I explain it by saying that they specialize in shrimp, not breakfast. Anyway, just a cautionary note regarding those high expectations.

                  1. re: PolarBear

                    Tavmarks post below reminded me I should have added that the one from El Cochonito Contento had more potato than I care for, next time would ask for less and extra chorizo.

                  2. Thought I'd chime in here again. Had the breakfast burrito at The Dam Diner yesterday morning. I know, I know, not really a Mexican place but heck I thought I'd try it. This thing is HUGE. It comes with chorizo, egg, and potato. Mine had way too much potato and not enough chorizo but then again I really like chorizo. This is definitely a "sit there and eat it" not a takeout burrito. Having said that, I could only get through half of it and ended up boxing the rest. Comes with a dollop of sour cream and guacamole.

                    1. I have been getting breakfast burritos at Robertito's at Cedar and Dakota for the last three years. There are 4 varities: #1 Ham, Egg and Cheese; #2 Machaca, Eggs, Onions and Bell Peppers; #3 Bacon, Sausage, Eggs and Cheese; #4 Vegetarian (Eggs, Cheese, Onions and Bell Peppers).

                      I have only eaten #2 & #3. The #2 is a bit messy from the runoff of liquid from the onions and peppers but both can easily be picked up and eaten. The burritos are very dense though not huge and lack any unnecessary carbohydrate filler(potato). They do not have a decidedly Mexican flavor but they are delicious. I recommend giving one a try. At $2.69 with tax, you can't go wrong.

                      1. Alan,

                        I tried Taco Grande the other day and I have to say I was impressed. Perfect take away size and I can order my chorizo and egg with beans and cheese (or potato should the urge strike, but hey it never does.) Thanks again. Can't believe I've passed it for so many years and never thought to go in.

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                        1. re: tavmark

                          Glad you liked it. I have a hard time visiting other places to try other breakfast burritos because I like Taco Grande's so much. As a result, it will probably take me twice as long to write up my next report. Ah...the conundrums of having to eat good food!

                        2. Last week turned into BBB No. 2

                          El Taco Rapido
                          NW First & Tulare St.s

                          Passed on the refritos and went with just chorizo, eggs, and cheese. Pretty flavorful with small chunks of chorizo interspersed with the more finely ground. Decent size and quite filling, good drippiness factor, overall would probably place it right behind Cuca's (I need to get over to the F St. location and compare theirs). Should also note that it just comes wrapped in wax paper, so need to make sure the base end is well surrounded to trap the juices. Price @ 3.50

                          Cafe Leon
                          Blackstone N of Ashan

                          Unfortunately, didn't jot down my notes soon enough, so I can't recall all the juicy details. Recall passing on the addition of potatoes. I do remember thinking that it belongs in my top 3 so far. Ended up chatting with Juanita (from the originnal Country Fare Cafe on Belmont), Cafe Leon is definitely worth a visit for whatever type of Mexican food you might be in the mood for.

                          Casa Corona
                          NE Cedar & Herndon

                          Having to hang around the St. Agnes area for a couple of hours, decided to give Casa Corona a try (NE Cedar & Herndon). Only prior visit here was dinner with a large group, thought it was OK for semi-upscale gringofied chow. Program here is select one of four different meats and three add-ons (cheeses, onions, tomatoes, chile colorado or verde, and a couple of others). Went with the chorizo, jack and cheddar cheeses, and the chile verde. Big whopping plateful of a burrito, definitely not one that you'd try eating on the run. Like tavmark's description of the one at the Dam Diner, half would have been plenty, unlike tavmark, I finished the whole damn thing and ended up regretting it later in the day (of course the three bowls of salsa that I washed it down with probably didn't help matters). Overall, it had a really good chile verde flavor but it pretty much masked the other ingredients and changed the mouthfeel. About 3.95, iirc.

                          1. Stopped in as a result of a tip from a dear friend that teaches in the area. From the outside it looks like your generic mini-mart & liquor store, but in the back corner you'll find Brenda operating this little one-person taqueria.

                            Ordered the usual chorizo, huevos y queso burrito (sml 2.25, lg 3.49), the large is on the oversized Mi Rancho tortilla that you find most places. The chorizo however, is homemade and tasty, as are the two salsas, a green with more kick than most and a brick red one with plenty of fire. I'd say the quality is right up there with the other favorites mentioned in this

                            Reading the paper menu later that I picked up, it appears several return visits are going to be required. The meat selections are:

                            The Best Chile Verde in Town (underlined under every heading and use in the menu)
                            Carne Asada
                            Homemande Chorizo
                            Chile Colorado
                            Shredded Beef
                            Hot Sausage


                            Beef Cheeks (OK I may have to go back today for lunch)

                            A few other menu features are the Esperanza, homemade flour chips smothered with "The Best Chile Verde in Town" and Jack Cheese. 3.99 half/4.99 full

                            Fresh Menudo (Sat-Sun only) 16 oz 3.99/ 32 oz 4.99

                            Tacos with choice of any meat are 1.39 and a fish taco offered for 1.79.

                            There are lunch and dinner plates, as well as burritos, quesadillas, etc. all very reasonably priced, e.g. lunch plate is 4.99, beans, rice, 2 meat selections and two tortillas.

                            Numero Uno Mexican Deli
                            760 Pollasky (NW at 8th) in Clovis

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                              1. re: alanstotle

                                I meant to mention, they're working on Pollasky north of 7th St and it's blocked off. If you're traveling east on Bullard go south on Woodworth (is that the right name?) then left on [edit to correct) 7th, make a right on Pollasky and it's on the next corner.

                              2. re: PolarBear

                                Wife and I finally got to try Numero Uno Mexican Deli today. PB, you are right: this place is a keeper!

                                Wife had a small vegetarian breakfast burrito: eggs, potatoes, rice, beans, & cheese. The potatoes were nice & soft inside but with a firm, crunchy & spiced exterior. As a whole, the burrito was very yummy, and it passed the melted cheese test with flying colors (or should I say "with gooey colors"?). In fact, it looked like the woman who made our burritos (Brenda, perhaps?) made certain the cheese was melted before she wrapped up the burrito.

                                I had a small chile verde breakfast burrito: chile verde, eggs, & cheese. As PB noted, Numero Uno says they have the best chile verde in town, & when I asked her about this, she verified the claim. The chile verde had giant chucks of super-tender pork (along with some smaller pieces, too) in a tasty green sauce: not very spicy-hot like some chile verdes, but with good flavor. Definitely did not taste like it came out of a can.

                                Both burritos were stuffed to the gills (although I suppose that's mixing a mule metaphor with a fish metaphor). In fact, we had to eat some of the filling out of the burritos with a fork before we could re-wrap them enough to pick them up. Even then they were both pretty messy. This is almost always a good sign. The small burritos are made with the small (gordita-sized?) Mi Rancho tortillas, & there's clearly not enough tortilla for the amount of filling she put in them.

                                We were also impressed with the salsas. Wife had a difficult time deciding which of the two was her favorite; I liked both a lot, but ultimately came down on the side of the red as my fave. Both had good heat (lots of heat without being overbearing). Both were pureed to a fine texture, but both were also fairly thick (as if they had been cooked down a bit or had been made with lots of vegetable matter).

                                Inside the store were a few picnic tables with a couple of bowls with the salsa as well as some chopped onion and cilantro (iirc).

                                The woman who helped us was extremely friendly and very helpful. It would be hard to ever have a bad morning if you were greeted that way every day. Behind us in line was a small group that placed a to-go order for a larger group of people. From what I heard, I'd say that you can get a burrito for breakfast just about any way you want with just about any filling they have.

                                They also prepare breakfast plates, though I didn't ask about them. I would guess, however, that their breakfast plates are basically "deconstructed" (to use a currently fashionable culinary term) breakfast burritos. Or is a breakfast burrito really a breakfast plate wrapped up to go?

                                And so in the end we're left with two things: (1) an ache to return to Numero Uno for another breakfast, and (2) an encounter with the age-old question: Which came first, the plate or the burrito?

                                1. re: alanstotle

                                  If you want a great breakfast burrito all you have to do is go to (jus jo`s) it is
                                  by far the best one in town I think. I always order Jo`s special. it`s fantastic
                                  right around the corner of willow and shaw. very good. you won`t go away

                                  1. re: bigjimbray

                                    Jus Jo's Country Kitchen, NE corner of Shaw & Willow. Any other must try items?

                                    1. re: PolarBear

                                      they have fantastic omlets and they serve bisquits and gravy with most of
                                      their dishes. I usually get Jo`sm special omlet, it has 6-8 eggs, 4 kinds of
                                      meat onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, hashbrowns or bisquits and gravy.
                                      and real good coffee.

                              3. And the saga continues....

                                The other day I tried a breakfast burrito at TAQUERIA JALISCO at the corner of Shaw & Cedar (until recently this used to be Cilantros, and before that the oft-admired Suzy's BBQ).

                                This was, perhaps, the best American-style breakfast burrito I've had in Fresno. By American-style I mean your basic eggs, meat, potatoes, and cheese all wrapped up in a tortilla.

                                It was a medium-sized, portable burrito, wrapped up tightly in the tortilla. I ordered bacon; other meat options include ham, sausage, chorizo, & machaca. Potatoes were finely chopped, so you could get the potato texture (which I like) without having to bite through giant chunks of potato. A wonderful bacon flavor pervaded the whole burrito.

                                The best part, however, was the cheese. They put some kind of white cheese on there, and lots of it, and it melted inside the burrito and made it all a wonderfully gooey interior. It was almost creamy.

                                They have the usual choice of salsas: pico de gallo, a thin & mild red, a thicker & orangier & spicier red, and a green. The green salsa looked like it might be made with some avocado (it had something of that avocado creaminess to it) but I couldn't taste any avocado in it. In fact, I thought it had a slightly oniony taste. It was my second favorite salsa. The spicy red was my favorite.

                                The menu doesn't say when they serve (or stop serving) breakfast. And although I didn't ask them, the fact that I ordered a breakfast burrito at lunch-time suggests that they may serve breakfast all day. I'll have to check on that. The breakfast menu also includes six egg plate combinations (huevos con chorizo, huevos con jamon, huevos rancheros, etc.).

                                This was not the "most authentic" breakfast burrito I've had in Fresno; I would probably choose to go to Julia's or Taqueria Numero Uno for homemade taste, yummy salsas, & interesting burrito fillings before I chose to go to Taqueria Jalisco. But if you want a basic meat and scrambled eggs wrapped up to go, and you're looking for breakfast near the university, Taqueria Jalisco will give you a very yummy version of that simple & portable breakfast. (And since I work in the area, I'll be back to try some of their other meat options, and I'll report back--yet again).

                                Taqueria Jalisco
                                4978 N. Cedar Ave. (corner of Shaw & Cedar)
                                Fresno, CA

                                1. Checking in with another thumbs-up for Numero Uno Mexican Deli in Clovis on Pollasky and (8th?).

                                  The Sturdy Wench and I went for BBs there based on recommendations from this thread and we were not disappointed! The one-woman taqueria there served up the best breakfast burritos I've ever had in Fresno. She was friendly and cheerful. Service: A.

                                  I had two small burritos: Spicy sausage with rice and a bacon & egg mixture; and a chile verde with potatoes $2.99 ea. (I asked but she told me no chile colorado.) The chili verde was outstanding: Huge chunks of tender pork in a zesty, flavorful verde that was 100 miles from bland. She ladled so much into the store-bought but stove-crisped 7" flour tortilla she couldn't close it, so we laughed and I told her to serve it me in a bowl. Grade: A+.

                                  The spicy sausage lived up to its name, it was pretty hot but not inedibly so. The flavor was excellent--meaty, porky, pungent with aromatics like sage and oregano. The rice was adequate, and the bacon and egg mixture was good, not dry or overcooked as is so often the case with pre-prepped eggs held in a warming bin. Grade: A-.

                                  The Study Wench ordered the breakfast plate ($4.99) with beans, rice, bacon and egg mixture. She enjoyed her meal and I tasted the beans, which were semi-mashed and outstanding. Another first: The best refried beans I've ever had! They were a dark, dark brick color and and been well seasoned, so they stood out on the plate in terms of color and taste. Beans: A+.

                                  The salsa were not what I am used to, which is more a salsa cruda. She gave us two bowls of salsa, red and green. The green was clearly pureed tomatillos with a strong vinegar and chile taste and quite salty. The red was oily, smoky and fiery, definitely chipotle in there somewhere. Both were good if strange to my palate. They were good for dribbling on food, but nothing I'd want to dip a chip into. Salsas: B.

                                  Our breakfast total, including a Propel for me and a lg coffee for the SW, was $13.21.

                                  To quote Gen. Douglas MacArthur: "I shall return!"

                                  1. Good to hear from Ken that Numero Uno is still on their game, wish I could get over to that side of town more often.

                                    Tried a BB at the new Lorena's last week (NE McKinley and Clark), got my usual huevos, chorizo, and queso, muy sobroso. i requested no rice or beans (not sure if they normally come with it) the filling was gooey from the cheese and the chorizo was of very good quality, moist without being greasy. Would imagine whatever your preferred fillings are for a BB that you'll find Lorena's satisfying. IIRC, it was about $3.50.

                                    1. The Sturdy Wench and I did Taco Grande on Blackstoen a few days ago and then again yesterday, this time taking our out-of-town friends with us. Alan's report says it all so I won't rehash it, suffice to say our friends loved their burritos and to date TG offers the best BBs we've ever tasted. I had the chile colorado the firdt time and then the chorizo and egg the second, and they were delicious! BTW, they also had chile verde Saturday, so perhaps they only have it on the weekends. (I forgot to ask.)

                                      Thank you, alan, for all your research!

                                      1. Glad to see that breakfast burritos are still on the Fresno radar.

                                        Stopped in for a breakfast burrito this morning at Zamora’s. A few weeks ago I enjoyed a chorizo taco from this place so much that I’ve been anxious to try the chorizo for breakfast. So I ordered a burrito con huevos y chorizo & I was not disappointed. (The other thread about Zamora’s where I discuss my taco & we all discuss other interesting morsels of Mexican food chat is at: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/478309


                                        When I had the chorizo in my taco it was a quality, real-meat sausage & the same thing appeared in my breakfast burrito (not that over-spiced, semi-liquid, way-too-greasy, meat-paste made from lymph nodes they label “chorizo” & sell at the grocery store). In my burrito the chorizo was not as well-done as the chorizo was in my taco but it was cooked plenty & it tasted good. Eggs & chorizo were cooked together. Also on the burrito were potatoes, onion & green pepper, very soft & possibly pureed refried beans, & cheese (perhaps something like queso blanco).

                                        Next time I might ask them to hold the beans or, if not that, at least cut back on them. The beans & the cheese together made this burrito really, really squishy. The eggs & chorizo had a good rich, meaty, & chewy texture; the potatoes added substance & a little crunch; & the beans & cheese were a nice softness but they added too much of that nice softness. Less squish would lead to a better balance of textures.

                                        She packed two salsas with my burrito: a fresh & tangy green that I’ve had there before & a thick & slightly smoky red. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better on my burrito. The green was so refreshing; the red was so rich.

                                        1. Bumping up this thread to add a newly opened place that does outstanding fish tacos.

                                          El Pescador, NE corner of Gettysburg and Blackstone. Haven't got around to trying any of the following as yet but they sure look tempting.

                                          Stuffed with home fries and cheese, egg (3.95), ham & egg, bacon & egg, chorizo & egg, or a la Mexicana (egg, tomato, onion, cilantro, chile serrano), all 4.50.

                                          Other breakfasts include Huevos Rancheros, Divorciados, ala Mexicana, or con Chorizo, all 7.25.

                                          Link to fish tacos thread: