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Sep 12, 2006 04:05 AM

Ann Arbor is the place to be, college living is the life for me....

So, I am driving to Ann Arbor from St. Louis this Saturday to start my job on Monday. I will probably come in late Saturday. So, where should I eat for my first meal in my new home?

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  1. At that hour, you can still get food at Ann Arbor Brewing. I always liked their food.

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    1. re: porkypine

      If you're looking that up in the phone book, it's Arbor Brewing, not Ann Arbor Brewing. Numerous places on and near Main St. are open late, but at most of them (Arbor Brewing maybe being an exception) you'll meet Detroit suburbanites overjoyed to have streets with businesses they can walk on, not Ann Arbor residents.

      If you're coming in off U.S. 23 via the Washtenaw exit and like good Italian, try Paesano's on the right as you head toward the center of town.


    2. Just spent the weekend in Ann Arbor and following some recommendations from this board we had a wonderful Indian meal at Shalimar (on S. Main). Don't know their hours but boy the food was good.

      Also, we went to Silvo's Organic Pizza Restaurant (715 N. University) and had one of the best pies outside of Italy (and NY). Okay, I'm a pizza snob and this place is fabulous. Silvo, who's from Italy, makes great effort to use the best ingredients on his incredible pies. The crust is perfectly thin and crisp so it "snaps" when you bend a slice to take your first bite. The sauce and cheese are also of high quality - no can/jar sauce here! We had a fresh mushroom pie with large slices of fresh mushroom, the perfect amount of sauce and cheese - I'm really making myself hungry. I also saw an order of spaghetti & meatballs go by - this will be my next dish at Silvo's - the portion was huge AND it smelled great. If you like thick mushy crust, jar sauce so over the top with spices or too much cheese to taste anything else, this is NOT the place for you. If on the other hand you want a perfect balance between a thin crispy crust, fresh flavorful tomato sauce and perfect amount of cheese for flavor, Silvo's is the place.

      I wish I lived close by so I could make this one of my regular places. I will go here every time I'm in the area so Chowhounds discover this place so they'll be there for me next time:-)

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      1. re: foggy

        I second that emotion. Try the soups, too.

      2. Zingerman's is open 'till 10. Zingerman's Reuban?

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        1. re: yayadave

          I second Zingermans. It is the PERFECT way to start your new life in Ann Arbor. Have fun! Eat some for me.

        2. I third Zingermans, was there Spring Break. If I had one meal in AA, that would be it. And be sure and find the Trader Joe's right away too.

          1. My favorite ethiopian restaurant of all time is Blue Nile in Ann Arbor. I make a point of stopping in for dinner everytime I'm in town.