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Sep 12, 2006 04:00 AM

please help: prix fixe kinda dinner for about 12 guests in Toronto!


I'm in need of a little help--would anyone know of a nice place for a sit down dinner for about 12-15 guests with prix fixe menus? Its for a graduation party, it doesnt have to be hoshy poshy, but I'm also trying to cater to people who are vegetarians and who are Asian (some fusion would be nice). And as I'm a newly grad, there is also a budget to keep! Any suggestions?

Many thanks!

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  1. Why don't you check out someplace like Golden Thai (Church and Richmond)? The atmosphere is nice without being schmancy, and they can easily do a set dinner to your budget. Lots of vegetarian options (though you might want to double check the fish sauce situation with your friends) and the dinner will be family style -- dishes brought to the table to share. Just make sure you have the rum fried bananas for dessert... :)

    And congratulations on your graduation!

    1. You should consider booking one of the private rooms at Asian Legend on Dundas. It should accommodate those numbers perfectly, and you can pre-order a variety of dishes from their menu. The food would be served, as above, family-style. I've been there with a large group, and it was fantastic all-around. The private room is quite nice also.

      1. Hey TorontoJo and xtal--thank you for your wonderful suggestions and I totally appreciate your help, but family style is not what I'm looking for though. There'll be a couple of people who wont be speaking the same language as the others ... and sitting at a round table will be quite awkward for all of us. I think I'd rather do something that's a prix fixe where they can sit in their own little group and enjoy at their own pace.

        Any other suggestions for a prix fixe or even buffet style dinner?

        1. I'm going to suggest one of my favourites: Hair of the Dog. Amazing food, with many fusion options and choices for vegetarians.

          Give them a call, and discuss the idea of doing a prix fixe for 12-15 people. Also, you may want to request seating upstairs, which is beautiful, and nicer for large groups. Their regular entree prices are between $10-$18 or so, just for reference.

          Hair of the Dog
          425 Church Street

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            Hey xtal,

            Does Hair of the Dog have an online menu?


            1. re: jennjen18

              No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure they don't even have a website.

              I've found that many restaurants are willing to fax/e-mail a copy of their menu if you give them a call. You could try that.

          2. If this dinner will be between September 15 and October 1, you can check out the various restaurants in Leslieville. They're holding "Leslielicious" (like Summerlicious, obviously) during that period, and the participating restaurants will be offering prix fixe menus.


            If I had the money, I'd have reservations for all of them, LOL!

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              Thank you so much for the info! I'm totally going to try some of these places....

              1. re: sierramum

                Thank you sierramum!!! Those prix fixe menus look really good, I think I might just call in and see whether they can do one for my party. :)