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Sep 12, 2006 03:56 AM

Chicken on the Way

Hope I'm not opening myself up to snarks but I ate at Chicken on the Way (Kensington) today and it was AWESOME! Or at least the chicken was. I'm from Alabama originally so it was really great to eat real fried chicken. It had great taste, was super moist & was not too greasy. We also tried the corn fritters & the coleslaw. Both were good but not great. I'm probably more excited about fried chicken than most but it is definitely worth a try. Note that this is a carryout place only with no seating.

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  1. I second your awesome! Absolutely great fried chicken, yummy and tender with a really nice crisp outside. I think it's because of the local chicken they use. And I personally really dig the fritters; 3 for, what, $1.25 or so? Probably not Alabama-authentic, but tasty nonetheless. The fries aren't anything too special in my opinion; yeah, they're hefty real-potato fries, but they're a little dry or something.

    I always eat on the picnic table right outside the restaurant, enjoying the blaring 14th St traffic, and keeping the magpies at bay. It's not moonlight and violins, but it still manages to add to the experience somehow.

    Damn, I just bought a bunch of groceries, but I'm now craving a Chicken On The Way excursion.

    1. I'm a Chickenon the Way fan as well..... it just tastes better than any other fast food chicken and I love that it's been around forever and is a Calgary institution. The problem with the fries is tha tthey get soggy when they cram them into the box and seal it up and don't leave anywhere for the steam to go......but I manage to eat them anyway!

      1. Merry-

        Where in Ala? The last place I lived before emigrating to Canada was Mobile (I was a prof at USA), and though I recall excellent barbecue (dreamland on old shell road), po boys (that bakery- polson's or something like that) and some great cajun food, I don't remember fried chicken being all that common- maybe it was away from the coast?

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          I'm from Guin, AL (and I went to UA). It's a tiny town Northwest of Birmingham in the middle of nowhere. There wasn't a ton of fried chicken restaurants. It was more of a thing I got at home. One of my fondest memories is of my grandad frying chicken in his suit pants & dress shirt before church for a church luncheon.

          1. re: Merry113

            Merry, I'd love to hear your dulcet Alabaman tones- I miss that :)

            1. re: John Manzo

              Unfortunately (or so says my husband), I don't sound like I'm from Alabama. I tried very hard to get rid of my accent & it's mostly worked (except for a ya'll here and there).

              If only I could lose my love for everything fried!

        2. The fries aren't too special but I agree about the fritters. Sublime and much much better then those overfried mealy ones that they serve at Big T's (though I generally like Big T's offerings)

          1. I rather enjoy their fries. They are fresh cut, which really raises them in my books.

            If you want to make sure the fries don't sog, ask them to not wrap the package, and keep the lid ajar.