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Sep 12, 2006 03:36 AM

Providence, River Fire

We visited Providence last Sat, to see River Fire. Had lunch at Dolce Vita at Dipasquali Sq on Atwells St. Good but not memorable. Drinks and apps at Mills Tavern. Excellent. Sautéd razor clams! Tasty but a little tough. Razor clams seem to be one long neck with a very small belly.

Dinner at Cafe Nuovo. Very confused and unorganized host. We had reservations but still had to be very agressive at the host's stand. After that, very good service and excellent food. An appetizer of smoked salmom (large portion) and a chicken scalopini which had some Mediterraean herbs that I couldn't identify. Very good. Very noisy.

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  1. Waterfire nights are just nuts for any of the nearby restaurants, and everyone wants to be at Cafe Nuevo for the view, so I'm not surprised the host was discombobulated.