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Sep 12, 2006 03:26 AM

Vallejo - Starbread – UFO & Señorita Bread

UFO – Unidentified Filipino Object

Josquared posted about this little Filipino bakery, the "Home Of The Señorita Bread".

Although he didn’t buy any, he described señorita bread accurately “sweet bread that kinda' looked like a pointy mini-loaf with a carmelized sweet bottom and light texture”

They are actually little rolls about two inches long and are sold by the dozen (white or wheat) or hot from the oven ... $1 for three.

They only had the hot version in white. It was soft like Pillsbury Poppin Fresh croissants. The bottom was brushed with a whisper of caramel similar to a sticky bun that was sweet, salty and buttery all at once.

I guess just like a senorita - petite, delicate & sweet.

This is really a pocket place with less than a dozen items for sale. Josquared pretty much described the whole menu.

As for the 75 cent UFO – it was long, thin and skinny, like the palms given out on Palm Sunday, but was probably a pieces of banana leaf.

Inside was a glutinouse strip that smelled strongly of tea ... or fish sauce ... maybe some sort of sticky rice. There could have been a touch of coconut. Not bad but not something I’d order again. It began with a the letter “T”. After the third time I asked, I gave up. It wasn’t on the little menu.

Thanks Josquared. This is a very cool, inexpensive place that I’d definatley stop by again. It’s in the Long’s Plaza on Sonoma Blvd almost across the street from Goldilocks.

Starbread Bakery
3718 Sonoma Blvd (Hwy 29
)Vallejo, CA 94589

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  1. Hey rw - could it be suman that you're describing? Suman is sticky rice wrapped up in banana leaf (it's not my favorite either.)

    The only thing I can think of that starts with "t" that Starbread might serve is turon, but that's not what you described (turon is essentially banana inside a lumpia wrapper fried up, sometimes topped with a sweet carmelized coating.)

    1. Yep, that's it ... sumin ... thanks.

      With a Filipino accent that "S" sounded like a "T".

      The sumin I had looked liked this

      Rather than the completed version in this blog.

      What they did was just fold the leaf in half and I guess that tea flavor was coming from the banana leaf.

      OK, I had sumin before but it was wrapped more like this:

      Lots of versions it seems:

      I thought I'd try this out since I was in Vallejo ... drove there specifically for the paletas ... did you see you made Chow News today ... cool.

      I'll write up something when I have time ... or try more paletas ... three words though ... chongas ice cream ... check it out.

      But so far, yeah ... best paletas in the Bay Area. Far superior to the SSF Frog Pond. Major points for finding the place. I had the address and drove by, dazzeled by the puffy Mexican wedding gowns in the shop on the corner. That Mexican market across the street, BTW, is excellent.

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      1. re: rworange

        Okay - I've got the chongas on my viewscope now.

        I've tried out three more paletas since my last visit. Walnut and guava solid. Saw the pico de gallo and asked what that was; the girl behind the counter said it was spicy fruit and it would be hot.

        She wasn't kidding - wasn't fully prepared for the heat and ate only half of it. I wanted to give it a full sampling but the other half, unfortunately, has gone to freezer defrost heaven.

        1. re: josquared

          Did the quava have seeds in it?

          Yeah, I'm not so much up on the peppery hot paletas anywhere so far.

          1. re: rworange

            I think there a few seeds in there (the texture initially reminded me of the tuna ice cream I first sampled, though not quite as rough-hewn as that.)

      2. Just wanted to say this place is still chugging right along. Their señorita bread is still as tasty as ever, and the pan de sal I sampled from them is better than their nearby competitors Valerio's.

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        1. re: josquared

          Good to hear. Are there any Filipino baked goods that you know of at Easter time to look out for ... here or at other bakeries?

          1. re: rworange

            As far as I know, Filipino traditions are based more on the religious aspect of the holiday. If there are any special food items, they may be based on a particular region's fiesta or family tradition, but I don't know of any all-encompassing specialty food item related to the holiday. I could be completely wrong, though