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Sep 12, 2006 02:40 AM

Meat-wrapped in Lettuce -- different ideas?

Looking for recipes for "lettuce cups" and the like... Would love some ideas for korean-type dishes as well as ones that use ground chicken. Ideas? Links?

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  1. Funny you should ask...this morning's '3 -minute cooking show' had a recipe for miso flavored pork and knonnakyu stir fry, in the korean style (eaten with "senche" the lettuce leaves).

    Basically they took the konn. cut thru the mid across, rubbed with salt then rinsed, dry-fryed the cubes (rid excess water.) Added some cubed pork season with sake, salt, cornstarch and oil. stir fried the two. Then added a T. of kochujang and T. of Miso.

    1. I often make "lettuce tacos" using iceberg lettuce leaves for crunch. Then I spoon in veggie crumbles (you could use ground meat), salsa, various chopped veggies and sour cream.

      You could add cheese or guacamole, of course.

      FYI - this is definitely a two-napkin meal.

      1. Bulgogi is very tasty Korean grilled meat marinated in a sesame oil marinade. It is often served in a lettuce wrap with rice and various other fixings. The problem is finding or making all of the little sides and salads they give you at the Korean grill.

          1. When I have leftover grilled seafood I make a salad mixture out of it with light mayo, chopped celery, onion, grated carrot and lemon juice; serve in lettuce cups. Light fare and makes a nice presentation.