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Sep 12, 2006 02:30 AM

Lancaster non buffet restaurants for all meals

going at the end of October, TIA for your recs.

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  1. Doneckers in Ephrata has a delicous dinner menu, the fixed price menu is amazing. It is a little pricey though but good if you are looking for special occasion. Lancaster Brewery ofers a good lunch menu, standard brew pub fare. Of course, their beers are very good too.

    1. If you are looking for something closer to Lancaster itself, The Olde Greenfield Inn is one of my favorites. It is on Greenfield Road at the same exit on the Rt. 30 bypass as the Lancaster Visitor Center and the Holiday Inn. It is open for lunch and dinner. Also in town are Gibralter (I believe this one is relatively new -- I haven't been there but it might be worth checking into) and the Stockyard Inn (I haven't been there recently so I can't give a current recommendation) which had the tenderest of steaks on my last visit. For dinner, the Log Cabin is still good (you have to drive through the Kissing Bridge covered bridge to get there) but if you are going that far north of the city, I would certainly second the Doneckers recommendation.

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        Thanks for the suggestions, I want to stay away from the tourist spots. Any good breakfast spots?

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          I seldom eat breakfast in the Lancaster area. We usually go to a local diner -- nothing special. Breakfast is really a function of the area where you will be staying. There is a "Board" "breakfast in penn dutch country" started on September 8th which has a fairly large number of suggestions.

      2. This is Lancaster Restaurant Week - Through Saturday. Half of them are buffets like Miller's for "2 for $30.". Actually we'll be out in New Holland for the weekend but - having done two $30. Phila Rest Week dinners, we'll probably not hit the $30. ones out there. Any great finds near New Holland?

        Steve R