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Sep 12, 2006 02:25 AM

Cozy restaurant (locals favorite) in Leesburg

for Saturday, having birthday lunch with friends and would like something different. Have tried Lightfoot and the Eiffel Tower, would like a more casual setting. TIA

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  1. Ribs and pulled pork sandwiches at the Mighty Midget. A must.

    1. Blue Ridge Grill, a Sweetwater's knock-off, may be too casual, but probably will reserve for you

      1. Have you tried Tuscarora Mill? I've enjoyed several meals and the atmosphere there. Their menu has a lot to offer...I had the scallops...and they were great! It's not super casual, but nice for lunch...definitely more formal for dinner.

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          ditto for Tuscorara Mill, or Tuscie's in particular which is the bar/cafe area in the front of the restaurant. it's our favorite place to stop on a weekend afternoon when in leesburg. i don't think they serve the full restaurant menu, but it's so substantial that it feels like a full menu. their lunches are terrific. my favs are the meatloaf sandwich, any of their soups, and the steak salad. but the piece de resistance is their bread pudding. the best i've had anywhere.

          p.s. their on tap beer selection is quite impressive