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Sep 12, 2006 01:54 AM

Lynn takeout

I'm taking an evening class in Lynn, a place I've only passed through on my way to Nahant. Is there anything chow worthy here? In particular takeout so I can grab something to bring home after class? I've read previous posts on the Pho places although some were from 2003-5.
P.S. what is the current word on Oxford St. Grill? Is the chef gone already? I was dying to try the menu...what a shame!

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  1. On Market Street there is Tatiana's (not sure about takeout( and across the street from them is Brothers' Deli which is definitely a good takeout place. Haven't been there but there is the established Christie's at the Nahant rotary.

    1. There's an interesting asian place on Bennett Street in Lynn that may have potential. It's an old diner that's housed a couple different asian restaurants (some very well reviewed) and is currently called Golden Lake Restaurant.

      I recently stopped in for lunch for a quick bite while my truck was being serviced nearby. The menu is quite extensive with chinese, thai, korean (I think), and VietNamese choices. I wasn't particularly hungary so I chose the spicy chicken wings with a chili/peanut sauce. They were really tasty and very reasonably priced for a good size portion.

      The clientele was definitely mostly asian and I saw some very interesting looking dishes being served all around me.

      I will definitely check it out again when I'm in the area again.



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        Does the Capitol Diner still exist? I've read about these Asian places in a former diner but assume it's a different space.

      2. The Capitol Diner is still there, and still serves an awesome breakfast. Lunch too, though I've never had it, but I'm sure it's good. Not open for dinner, so not a takeout option for this poster.
        The Asian restaurant in the diner has been reincarnated a bunch of times in the last few years, but always Asian. The original spot was excellent, another took it's place that was just ok, and then I lost track. Good to know the most recent one seems to be good. I think this is an excellent option for takeout --however, I seem to remember this place always closed early --like 8pm or something. Again, this is a new establishment w/new owners so that may not be the case anymore, but it's a somewhat desolate area so it's not like they get a lot of foot traffic. Perhaps they figure the dinner crowd is over by 8pm. Worth a try though.

        1. Thanks for the recommendations thus far. I did notice tonight that Pho Lynn is on my way out of town. Is that any good? I recall reading some posts about a few pho places but they were dated. I will stop in next week for a menu...Gusman's chinese spot sounds intriguing...worth seeking out!! I also heard from a classmate that there is a takeout Chinese place by the split to go to Peabody that is supposed to be good? Golden Dragon or something? (I'm probably waaaaay off on the name!)

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            When I was visiting Lynn often last year I had lunch and dinner many times at Pho Lynn, and enjoyed many dishes there. It has been about a year since my last visit. It's a nice family run place.