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Sep 12, 2006 01:51 AM

Big Belly Clams

Where else besides the Clam Box can one order clams with big bellies? On Saturday, I called the Clambox to make sure they had big bellies. They did. We made the 1 hour trip up there, stood in line over 1/2 hour, and when I ordered the big bellies, I was told they had run out!!! I could have had the regular clams, but I don't have to drive an hour for regular clams. So, my question is, where else besides the Clambox can I order big bellied clams? We live just west of Boston, so anywhere within an hour's drive of Boston would be fine.


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  1. I was out at the Clam Box a few weeks ago and they did have big bellies when I was there, but not enough for the large order I wanted - so I haven't had them yet. I'm guessing these are just larger clams, would you agree with this?

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    1. re: steinpilz

      It is a bigger clam to begin with, plus the belly is huge. That is where all the taste is. I have had some big bellied clams at the Clam Box where I had to use a fork and knife to cut it, because it was more than one mouthful.

      1. re: steinpilz

        the clam is slightly bigger but it is the belly that gets huge, i've seen some only slighlty smaller than a jawbreaker. J.T. Farnham's in essex will occasionally have them. however i have found that when one place has them they usually all do.

      2. Just a side question, Jammb, which one do you prefer, regular or big bellied?

        I were at the Clam Box two weeks ago. I was battled between getting regular or big bellied. I got regular at the end as I knew I would go crazy if I got big bellied and it didn't taste good.

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        1. re: sheila

          I definitely prefer the big bellies. To me, that is where all the taste is. I know there are some people who prefer just the strips. Just one man's opinion, but if you prefer a regular clam to just the strip, then you'll love big bellies compared to regular clams. There's nothing like putting a big belly in your mouth, and getting all that flavor. And one other thing... maybe I am wrong on this, but I think the big belly is less fried - it seems to be a lot more clam and a lot less coating, at least if done right, like they do it at the Clam Box. It probably makes sense - a box of big bellies will take up less surface area for batter and frying than a box of small clams. So, you get a lot more of the clam taste, and a lot less of the fried batter taste.

        2. They have awsome fried clams at the Neptune Oyster Bar in the North End. They're whole belly and I keep actually bringing more and more people back there just to try them. They're the best I've ever had.

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          1. re: Becca

            I agree, Neptune's fried clams are great - fried perfectly, not greasy, tasty. I went to the ClamBox for the first time a month ago, a good amount of clams and ok beach/suburb atmosphere, but the clams were a little greasy compared to Neptune. And there're all the other benefits (wine, atmosphere, and food) as well at Neptune.

          2. I've loved whole belly clams for over 30 years. What are big belly clams? A new marketing term?

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            1. re: gyppielou

              Nope. Most places in New England claiming to have fried clams have clams with bellies (or "whole bellies," as you referred to them). The alternative is usually clam strips (not partial bellies - that would be pretty gross). The Clam Box is the only place I have ever seen that has 3 options - clam strips, regular clams (i.e. regular bellies), or clams with big bellies. It is just what the name implies - clams with big bellies.

            2. We made the trek to the Clambox on Saturday, and they did have the big bellies. There is no clam in the world that come close to the Clambox big bellies. They were FANTASTIC - big, soft, tasty, perfectly fried. Each clam was literally more than a mouthful.

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              1. re: jammb

                Preferring clam strips in lieu of whole belly clams
                is akin to preferring tomatoes in your chowdah!

                1. re: Harp00n

                  No, it's worse than that; it's like preferring fishsticks to fresh cod.