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Sep 12, 2006 01:43 AM

Falmouth MA for a Couple of Days?

Will be in Falmouth later this week and am looking for chowish places, not pretentious, for lunch and dinner. Fried clams, lobster rolls, seafood and sandwiches would hit the spot for us.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Yes I know, but it did not reveal much. That's why I'm asking now.

      1. I haven't seen much here on Falmouth.
        Some of my favs:
        Waiquoit grill, w. falmouth
        McMenamies for fried
        lobster rolls from pocasset- the name escapes me
        British beer for pub
        Landfall for view
        Capn Kidd

        1. Chart Room too is always *jammed*. Moonakiss has good breakfasts. Especially their pancakes and homemade corned beef has. Also, while it's in Mashpee -- close to Falmouth, the Raw Bar over in near the Pomponesset Inn(sp?) has **massive** lobster rolls! Those things are beautiful! (Not sure if they're open this time of year though...)

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          1. I enjoyed the Roo Bar the last time I was in Falmouth. They served a great Kona coffee crusted pork tenderloin.