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Basic Wine Tasting Classes

Can anyone recommend a wine tasting class for someone with no wine knowledge, where one might learn the basics?

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  1. I can't vouch for this group, but it's the only one I know of that offers beginning classes.


    Also, I would check some of the community colleges.

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      Learn About Wine has great events! Though I haven't tried their basic "wine schools" or "wine camps" events, just their themed events.

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        haven't gone to their class events either, but I can vouch for their themed events, which are generally really good. Ian's a really approachable guy.

        another bonus-- MANY attendees there are big foodies/gourmands/chowhounds as well. you'll be in good company even if going solo.

      2. UCI offers some wine courses

        1. The Wine House in West LA (Cotner at Olympic, just east of the 405) does a variety of wine classes, usually (but not always) concentrating on a particular region.


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            Third the Wine House. I did the four week Absolute Beginners wine class 6 or 7 years ago, and since then have done several other classes there. It's a very good foundation, from knowledgeable instructers.

            There's also something to be said about getting to know your local wine store. In Silverlake, there's Silverlake Wine Shop, and while they don't have classes, they have tastings several nights a week, and sometimes it can be more fun to learn by doing :-)

          2. I second The Wine House. They have a class 1x per month called Absolute Beginners. I took it awhile ago for fun and it was the best. Their other classes are great too and they are all reasonably priced. Go to the website and click on "classes". You'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about wine/spirits and have a great time!

            1. I took the 1 night absolute beginner class and the 4 week beginner class at the wine house. Both were a lot of fun. I'd say you learn 80% of the 'facts' about wine in the 1 class that your would in the four, but the nice thing about the 4 class set is you get 4 times the wine to taste, and that's the best part.

              1. I haven't lived in the area for a couple years, but Hi Times Cellars in Costa Mesa had wine tasting events at their wine bar.

                1. I took a class through UCLA extension- like 8 weeks, after work, we all brought food, learned a TON!!!

                  but it is not on the UCLA campus, and remember when you sign up to sign up NOT FOR CREDIT, or else you have to take a final exam!!!

                  1. The Bristol Farms on Fair Oaks in South Pasadena has wine events. I'm not sure about the other stores. I had a great Reisling class. They also served quite a bit of food.