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Sep 12, 2006 01:13 AM

Jones Soda Co. Carbonated Candy – $2.95 worth of stupid

From the makers of turkey flavored soda at Thanskgiving, candy that is a turkey.

Carbonated? They tastes just like SweeTARTS. I like SweeTARTS. I just don’t want to spend $3 for them.

Except these are small pills, like aspirin ... and thinking about it, the blue-colored berry lemonade pill was flavored like a kid’s citrus-flavored aspirin. Well, that’s a good idea, eh?

But wait. Maybe all is not lost.

Jones says to add them to soda as flavor enhancers. Maybe there’s some fun.

Well, there was no ‘plop, plop, fizz, fizz’ here. The pills sank to the bottom of the bottle faster than the Titanic's “Heart of the Ocean” blue diamonds sank to the bottom of the sea ... and remained almost as intact.

I shook the bottle for a little action. Nothing. Long after the soda went flat, the candy had barely dissolved ... and despite the bottle having enough Jones Candy at the bottom that all it needed was a goldfish to turn it into an aquarium, there wasn’t much flavor.

They do come in an attractive cigarette lighter-shaped tin that should last into the next millennium or so ... a little time capsule to marketing wisdom. Like the soda, there’s a little quote under the lid ... mine said ... I kid you not ...

“How about doing the laundry sometime soon?:

Words to live by.


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  1. Please don't tell me you dropped three bucks on a single tin of 'em. They definitely aren't worth that much. The candies do the carbonation through a mix of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. This does provide a nice tingly effect on the tongue when you suck on them, and when you chew on a few at once there's a very noticeable foam* effect. The one problem of this is that once the reaction is done there's very little citric acid left, and therefore little noticeable flavor.

    *Free million dollar idea: Mouthwash to go. I'll let you sort out the details.

    1. Are these like pop rocks? Or something totally new and different?

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      1. re: Kitchen Imp

        NOTHING ... NOTHING like pop rocks. NOT new and different.

        There is not one thing new and different about these. They taste EXACTLY like SweeTARTS.

        I am getting no tingling on my tongue or foaming when chewing. They just crumble like SweeTARTS. Foaming ... that would be interesting ... no, no foaming at the mouth.

        1. re: rworange

          You would need to chomp several at the same time to visibly foam at the mouth. I've been wanting to try it, but a 2 liter of Diet Coke and a roll of mint flavor Mentos is a much, much better entertainment value. Blast, now I've gotta tell you about that too, since I know someone's going to ask and I'd just end up posting this anyway:

          Get a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke (just trust me on this, nothing else works as well), a roll of mint flavored Mentos (blue wrapper, white candies), and a piece of paper. Roll up the piece of paper into a tube big enough for the Mentos, tight enough for the candies to sit in a stack but loose enough that they fall through the tube easily. Set the Diet Coke on a flat surface (outside!), and unscrew the cap. Load the paper tube with the Mentos, using your thumb to secure the candy. Position the tube directly over the neck of the bottle as close to the bottle as you can. Move your thumb out of the way so that the Mentos all drop into the Diet Coke at the exact same time, and stand back. a fifteen foot tall geyser will erupt from the Diet Coke.

          Wow, I've been especially prone to going off track lately. Anyway. The Jones candies. It sounds like you got a bum batch. I tried all three flavors and the berry lemonade ones lost their fizz the fastest after I opened the package, and the blue part of them almost melted into each other. As far as I can tell, keep them cool, definitely keep them dry. Write to Jones Soda (postal, not email) and let them know about the ones you had. I'm sure they'll be very helpful.

          1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

            Very cool (heh) menthos tip.

            Yeah, I'll just pass on letting Jones Soda know. They are really into the PR thing and I'm afraid I'd wind up with boxes of these on my doorstep.

            The one mention on the web that wasn't hype I didn't link to because someone from Jones (or Blue Sky) jumped on it immediatly giving some spin.

            A mouthful of the little blue pills didn't do a thing. Thanks heavens I didn't pass out or something while chewing these. One look in my mouth and they'd be pumping my stomach in ER ... Carbonated Candy OD. NOT the way I want to go.

            1. re: rworange

              A mouthful? I should have said been less vague and said three or four! My goodness, I would have felt terrible.

              Please don't skip out on writing them. I work in the food service industry, and I can definitely say that while I love to hear when things are great, I really, really want to know if something goes wrong. After all, if you don't tell us what was wrong, we can't fix it. There's a number of things it could have been, I'm sure you weren't the only one with flat candy, they'll be able to figure it out if they hear from enough people. If you change your mind and write to them, let them know specifically where you bought it, and when you bought it. If you have a favorite flavor of Jones Soda, now is your chance to get lots and lots of it. If you need a favorite flavor of Jones Soda, ask on General Topics. If they send you candy anyway, you now have your Halloween trick-or-treat candy shopping done and you will officially have THE coolest treats on the block. If you still don't want to send them a letter, email me where and when you got 'em, I'll send the letter for ya ;-)

              1. re: rworange

                Yeah, I don't love Jones enough. I have a feeling that given the fact they tracked down that little blog, they may see this here. So they can choose to fix it if they want to or not. I'm not into doing Jones quality control for them. I don't want free stuff. I just to buy a realiable product that delivers what it promises. Jones silly holiday sodas don't taste for the most part like they promise. Even the cranberry doesn't taste like cranberry with the holiday pack ... and how hard is that? So the Thanksgiving sodas don't taste like the flavors they promise. The candy isn't carbonated. This is not a company I want to waste my valuable time on. Yeah, amusing ideas for products that are more about generating buzz than delivering. They can do themselves their own favor and take care of it. Any candy that needs to be refrigerated to keep fresh, well, more work than I want to deal with. This ain't fine chocolate that should require thought. It is supposed to be a fun product. It isn't.

        2. These sound like a bad version of those old Lotsa Fizz candies. I was seriously addicted to those as a kid.

          And FYI, there are tons of videos of diet coke and mentos explosions on YouTube or Google Video -- lots of fun to watch. I think I saw George Duran do it on the Food Network, too.

          1. The original comment has been removed