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Sep 12, 2006 01:07 AM

Cute/Trendy Brunch Spots

Help! The parents are coming in this weekend and I want to take them to a cute/reasonably priced brunch spot with some healthy items on the menu...any ideas? Upper East, Midtown, Soho, East and West Village please!

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  1. Two places my parents loved for brunch Elmo and Noho Star. MY Dad Loves outdoor seating so both were perfect and the food was good. Elmo is quite a bit cheaper.

    1. Elmo's great, but it's a little loud for parental conversation, in my view.

      I second Noho Star.

      I also like Negril Chelsea, Popover Café, Crepes on Columbus, Pigalle, Westville, and Counter, among others. Or you can always hit Le Pain Quotidien...

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        I don't love the food at NoHo Star. Maybe Markt on 13th & 9th?

      2. best brunch spot in the city (in my humble opinion) are both owned by the same folks and they are "five points" on great jones street and "cookshop" on 10th ave and 20th st. both have really terrific food and atmospheres. i reccomend a reservation thought. "good" on greenwich ave. is also a favorite.

        1. I've eaten a couple of good brunches at Friend of a Farmer (below Gramercy Park on Irving Place). The food is great; not too sure about the healthy part though...

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          1. re: jakew8

            5 Points
            Extra Virgin

          2. I like good and Extra Virgin, but neither take reservations, and there's often a wait, if that's a concern. Five Points takes reservations, as does Jane. I don't know if Deborah takes reservations, but brunch there is very good and I've never had trouble getting a table.

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              Deborah does take reservations. I second Five Points but it may be tough to get a reservation this late but it is worth a shot. Jane is also a great option.