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The Return of Lucky Stores

While driving down Valley Blvd. in Alhambra I thought I was hallucinating as I passed a grocery store with the once familiar script Lucky Stores sign on it. So I pinched myself and turns out it wasn't a dream--Lucky Stores is back, sort of. Apparently, another grocery operator had opened up a Lucky Store in Northern California on the theory that Albertson's had abandoned the trademark by not using it for several years. While the parties are duking it out in court, the new owners of Albertson's decided they better do something to show that they did not abandon the Lucky brand, so they've renamed their warehouse outlets as Lucky Stores. I personally thought it was stupid for Albertson's to jettison the Lucky name, and the new owners of Albertson's seem to be agreeing. Anyway its nice to see that old sign again.

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  1. That depends, does the new Alhambra store have the great service, fresh fruit and ultra clean store. I remeber the Lucky's down the street in Montebello. It was really good until the year they sold out. Albertsons is a joke, if I want old fashion Markets I have to go to the Staters Bros. in Whittier.

    Next thing you know they're going to try to bring Boys Markets back.

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    1. I noticed that yesterday too. We were heading to Mei Long Village from Sherman Oaks and had to get off the 10 at Valley instead of New because there was a big accident and traffic was grinding to a halt. Cruising along Valley, we saw Lucky. I couldn't believe my eyes!

      1. Could you please give a cross street for the location? Thanx

        1. This would be in the large shopping center on Valley Bl. between Almansor and Vega in Alhambra.

          1. My wife and I went to this market a couple of weeks ago (I was surprised to see that sign, too) and it is nothing special. The prices are average and the inventory is, too. Just average produce and meats. For what it's worth, I wouldn't waste a trip there.

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              Wow, how retro! Do they stock Lady Lee products?

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                I also stopped by there today and was not impressed. The old Lucky market in Montebello had excellent meat. Their produce was also very fresh and good. These items at the new Lucky were nothing special. This is the old Max foods market.

              2. lucky the low price leader?! woo!

                1. Did you see Stephanie Edwards?

                  1. Oh I forgot to add... I told my wife about this thread and she reminded me that this "Lucky" store is owned by Albertsons. That fact is posted somewhere inside the store, as I recall. Anyway, the store itself isn't going to make anyone feel lucky that they happened to shop there!

                    1. Went into the Max food store here in Montebello. Seems recently they are maiking the employess bag the grocery's now.
                      I'm hoping NOT to see a Lucky sign pop up in the near future!