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Looking for a great restaurant in Old Lyme, CT area

We are planning to take my folks out for their 35th anniversary. We are looking for a place to eat outside if the Old Lyme area. We've done the restaurants in Old Lyme and are now looking for something new. Any ideas?

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  1. You could try some thing in the westbrook area, just down rt 95 from old lyme. There are a coulpe of nice places there.

    1. http://search.netscape.com/ns/boomfra...
      Take a look at this site, it might help you with some choices. Hope it works out . Post a reply after you trip.

      1. How about Bistro by Benigno in East Haddam? They do have outdoor dining. Or Sage in Chester?

        1. A wonderful meal and service can be had at Restaurant du Village in Chester. its always great.
          If you like French food you can't go wrong there.

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            I went there once and was extremely unimpressed with both the food and the service, which was a bit of a shock considering the great press this restaurant gets. An off night, perhaps?

            I had a much better dinner at the River Tavern up the street. A beautiful room, great food, great service.

          2. How abnout NuNu's in colchester or Noah's in Stonington Borough. They are both wounderful

            1. For an excellent meal, I would suggest Pazzo (italian) or Cafe Routier (continental. If you would like an upscale Sunday Brunch, try Waters Edge resort, all on Rt. 1 in Westbrook. A smaller restaurant with tasty food is Jack's American Bistro on Main St. in Old Saybrook.

              1. Copper Beech Inn in the Ivoryton section of Essex is outstanding and elegant with an unbelievable wine selection! It was recently voted one of the top 50 meals at a hotel/inn in the country, right along with many Ritz Carlton's, Mansion on Turtle Creek, etc.

                1. Copper Beech Inn. Fine Dining - Upscale Dress

                  1. Jsingleton: If you have tried most OL restaurants, have you been to Sherlock's in the Old Lyme shopping mall? Someone recommended that to me but I have not been in the vicinity when hunger struck. Would appreciate a review.

                    1. Unfortunately Sherlock's closed last month. It was very good - Chef Tim Quinn who was also at Noah's before Sherlock's is excellent with flavor combinations and sourcing local ingredients - if anyone knows where he goes next please tell!

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                        I heard Tim Quinn is now at the Bee and Thistle in Old Lyme.

                      2. Sherlocks had the largest menu I've ever seen. Food was great. He used lots of organic and local farmers with sacrificing presentation or taste. Underrated for sure. Sorry to hear it closed

                        1. ahem 'without' sacrificing presentation or taste

                          1. This is good news for bee & thistle. The latest minimialist approach by the latest chef didn't work for me. I'm sure Tim can breathe new life into there. He does very well when using local produce. Inventive menus. This is good news for the shoreline. We need a few more great restaurants. Tim in their kitchen helps

                            1. That is great to hear.

                              Also Sherlock was purchased by the owners of Boom - the website says its re-opening shortly.