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Sep 12, 2006 12:14 AM

Plum posits produce as art

Well, today marks day one of Plum Produce, Barbara Lynch's newest South End offering. The shop/gallery is found on Waltham Street and has already won me over with its closing hour of 8 PM.

The prices are as we expected, but the artistic presentation of the bounty is almost comparable to an MFA membership. Lettuces and vegetables reside in long wood boxes against the back wall, while heirlooms rest on kraft paper in the window. All the natural colors reverberate off the stark white walls.

My grocery list is profoundly mundane, but I was overwhelmed! Two green zebras @ $1/each, two native ears @ $1.50/each, and a $10 jar of berry jam which I am presently licking from a spoon.

The herbs, the figs, the special request accommodations...the senses reel! By all means - GO! And folks, if you hurry, you may have a chance to give Ms. Lynch your own thoughts as she was on site observing traffic patterns in the shop and patiently (in her own Barbara way) listening to SEnders reminisce about Tony's...

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  1. Yikes! One can only hope they'll have a hand-lettered sign saying "Fresh Corn -- $18/dozen". Great review.

    1. A neighbor tells me it's open noon to 8pm, seven days. The goods do look pretty from outside.

      1. Seriously? $1.50 for an ear of corn? What, are they driving out to upstate NY, picking the corn and bringing it back?
        It's funny, I picked up a dozen recently for about $5 and I thought that seemed expensive. Called my dad (we grew up in corn country, the aforementioned upstate NY) and he confirmed that price was about right for around here. Something tells me he wouldn't be in agreement regarding the $18/dozen here. No matter how freakin good it is, or how beautifully it's presented. That one really puts me over the edge...