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Sep 11, 2006 11:55 PM

Santa Barbara for the Ladies

Can anyone suggest some wineries/tasting rooms in Santa Barbara or between Ojai and Santa Barbara? We have three wine-o', ladies that are planning a day trip on Saturday. We're also looking for a yummy lunch spot that offers some great salads...and homemade desserts.

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  1. If you dont mind going a little farther north, hit the wineries on Foxen Road and go to Los Olivos Cafe for lunch. That is a perfect day of tasting and eating.

    1. Anderson's Danish Bakery and Cafe is good for desserts. It's a "ladies" pink and gilt tea room on State Street in Santa Barbara with sidewalk tables too.

      The Wine Cask in Paseo Nueveo is your most comprehensive wine store next to their restuarant of a similar name, but if you want "wine tasting" your best choice would be to move on to Santa Ynez and/or Santa Rita (?) Valleys.

      I just had a great salad at Emilio's on Cabrillo Blvd at the Beach: grilled asparagus, fennel and radicchio with walnuts, blue cheese and balsimic syrup. They have other excellent choices. Also close to the beach are some wine tasting stores but I have no experience with them. Greissingers is close by the beach and there is one more wine tasting place some where down there too.

      Maybe the ladies would like to check out a new fad place on Lower State Street called Couchez, right next to Greissinger's wine place where one takes off their shoes and sits around a low table on a "bed". The menu looks exciting on paper, but walking by it last weekend in the evening, it looked a bit grim and uninviting.

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        Thank you for all the yummmy suggestions. Anderson's looks great and the salad at Emilio's sounds just delicious.

      2. try Jeanine's in Montecito, right on the main drag. Good lunches, coffee, and Fabulous desserts! don't know about a wine list though. check for other rec's.

        or here, just a few doors down:

        have fun--:



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          toodie, thanks for the reminder about "edhat" which is a great little Santa Barbara online magazine that has a restaurant review section and offers all sorts of quirky insights into Santa Barbara that go well beyond it being just a tourist destination. edhat if for those who live in this wonderful but increasingly confounding city.

          And who could forget recommending the white coconut layer cake at Montecito Cafe for an all time great dessert. About as old fashioned yummy as one can imagine.

        2. I would highly reccomend Opal for a ladies lunch.
          Great wine list, full bar, terrific menu, and homemade desserts.
          It used to be called Brigitte's and is just a few doors up from the Arlington theater.

          1. Here is the link to their site.

            Also the Paradise Cafe, less selection on the menu. Terrific hamburgers and grilled fish. Wonderful patio, also great wine list and full bar.

            Those are my group of girls two usual ladies birthday lunch spots. Both have a good mix of locals and tourists, attentive staff and that glad to be lunching in SB feeling. (99% of the people in the whole world don't have it this good right now!)