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Sep 11, 2006 11:40 PM

Cadbury Wunderbar in Massachusetts?

I was just browsing the message board and noticed a post asking about availability of Aero bars in CT, and that got me wondering..

Does anyone know where I might find Cadbury Wunderbars in MA?
They're seemingly a Cadbury Canada product only -- I've got a british store near me, and alas, they don't carry them.

Eastern MA better than Western MA, and I'd even venture up into lower NH or ME, or down to CT or RI.

Anyone else like these wonderful caramel-peanutbuttery candy bars?

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  1. NOrmally, I would you'd need to go to places nearer the Canadian border to find Canadian candy. The only place that comes to mind in my personal experience is Vidler's (a famous five-and-dime store) in East Aurora NY, near Buffalo, for example, that has a Canadian candy section.

    1. Not MA, but mail order - here's the page with the wunderbar, and it's on sale!

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      1. re: applehome

        I'm always leery of getting chocolate mail order, due to the possibility of melting, or the expense of shipping insulated with dry ice. Though, now that it's almost fall, I may consider it.

        1. re: Keithel

          as suspected, price for shipping is $26 or $36 depending on how speedy you want it (7-14, or 5-7 days).

      2. Hi there,

        You'd be surprised where you can find these things. Ebay has them for you. About $25.00 per box

        Cadbury Wunderbar Chocolate Bar
        Quantity: 24 Bars, 58 grams in each bar
        Condition: Brand New, Guaranteed Fresh
        Crunchy peanut butter with caramel covered in delicious chocolate. Enjoy a peanut butter caramel experience!

        That should take care of your fix. I had the same thing looking for a Mountain Bar. They're made in Washington State and they don't distribute anywhere. But you can get them online.