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Sep 11, 2006 11:00 PM

Need cafe or coffee house between Neptune's Net and Oxnard, CA

I need to meet a friend between the two places listed above. We are both on a tight deadline and really just need a place to grab coffee and look over a contract. Preferably off PCH. We don't want to craziness of Neptunes Net.
Please, any advice?


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  1. Only coffee shop I know of in the area you mentioned is Starbucks which is at Trancas Canyon and PCH about 7 miles south Neptunes Net. You're lucky Neptunes Net is where it is or there wouldn't be anything out there.

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        You're welcome. Only reason I know is because I was camping at Leo Carillo and was desperate for a good cup of coffee one night.

    1. I've made the drive up the coast many times, and iirc, there is NOTHING between Neptune's Net and Oxnard on the coast highway. No businesses, shopping centers, or anything else. Stop at the Starbucks the OP mentioned, and fill up a thermos.

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      1. Hi! Does anyone know of a good Vietnamese place in the North Hollywood, Burbank,Toluca Lake area? I am trying to plan a late lunch today. Many thanks!

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          try posting this as a separate thread.