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Sep 11, 2006 10:39 PM

Jayakarta -- Indonesian in Berkeley!

I just had a very nice lunch at Jayakarta Restaurant, a new Indonesian/Singaporean restaurant in the former Papa's Persian Restaurant space on University Ave. It's been open 2 weeks, I don't think it's been mentioned here yet.


I had #33 Nasi Padang. The beef was tasty and fork tender. The chicken gizzards w/stinky beans was delicious, though the beans seemed to be favas, nothing stinky about them that my nose could detect. My companions opted for the #41 Lontong Cap Go Meh and the $6.95 lunch special with Sambal Goreng Hati Ampla and Tahu Telor Bali and Gado-Gado rather than regular green salad. All three of us, including a guy from Singapore, enjoyed our dishes very much. Can't wait to go back for dinner to try the Sate Kambing (goat satay), Sayur Asam (sour tamarind soup), and Babat Goreng Kecap (crispy fried tripe)!

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  1. This place looks very promising indeed just by looking at the website pictures. The dishes seemed authentic and the sheer varieties gave any Indonesian connoisseur many reasons to pay a visit. The prices are very reasonable also. WOW !

    I will visit this place soon.

    Just from looking at the website, I am very impressed. This could turn out to be the biggest gem in terms of Indonesian restaurant in Bay Area.

    And sounds like the taste from the above post also concurs with my expectation.

    1. I work very close to here and am very excited to try this place! Two of my co-workers went on Friday for lunch and said that it was CROWDED so be wary. I think I may order to go for my lunch from there today ;)

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        Okay, I did get a takeout plate from there today. Pretty good though I'll reserve the real judgement for a sit down date with my friends.

        Their lunch special is a pretty good deal @ $6.95 for two items plus rice and salad. Salad could be either gado-gado or American style salad. I went for beef rendang and a grilled chicken dish with gado-gado. The rendang was wonderfully spicy (a lot hotter than I'm used to from the other places I've had it) and I loved the gado-gado. I most especially their peanut sauce, it was wonderful and spicy, sweet and salty all at the same time. (Oh GOD it was good with the tofu in the gado-gado.)

        I have to say that their take out was on the skimpy side. The container of gado-gado was pretty sizeable but griled chicken was two small pieces as was the rendang. I'll chalk this up to being takeout. All in all, pretty good stuff. Room for improvement but again, takeout factor could have played a part.

      2. Seems strange that takeout portions would be smaller than eat-in... is that just a limitation of the container size? Our lunch servings were generous, no one could finish and I had a nice mid-afternoon snack of the leftovers.

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          The take out container was a standard clear plastic container and instead of packaging the salad in a seperate container all together, they put the salad in a seperate container with the rice and entrees. (I wish I'd taken a picture now!) So yeah, that made the serving a bit smaller than I would have liked but otherwise it was good.

        2. I had two desserts there today, #94 (Es Shanghai) and #104. The "Es Shanghai" was advertised as being "assorted fruit with assorted syrups." In fact, it was a soupy shaved ice dessert with lots of red beans, red bean jelly, gelatinous green noodles, condensed milk, and other bizarre accessories. Like a lot of Southeast Asian ice desserts, it was overpowering with so many different flavors hitting you at once. It was an interesting thing to eat, but only a few bites. My friend was lucky enough to have ordered something he could finish, #104. Unfortunately, he was able to finish his BBQed banana topped with Hershey's chocolate sauce and taco cheese because he wanted to tell people in the future that he had finished it. One of the worst desserts ever, that coming from someone who enjoys weird food.

          1. Would anyone happen to have the address or corner streets for Jayakarta? Thanks in advance.

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              It's on the Web site. URL's at the top of the topic.