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Sep 11, 2006 10:18 PM

Seattle recs with a Scene to Boot

3 40yr old, married guys comming to Seattle for a football game this weekend from Dallas. Usually, when traveling I'm focused solely on the food, but this time it's a little different. I wanted to ask for recommendations for dinner on Fri. and Sat. night for really good, Pac.NW driven food with a lively "scene"(not touristy,cheezy,or pickup), just great food in a lively atmosphere. I've read the board and have come up with Dahlia Lounge and Palace Kitchen. Any other recs?? Etta's for seafood? Staying at the Westin Dwtn. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. J.R. from Dallas? Of course! I've been to Dallas many times. Here's what we do well (comparatively): Palace Kitchen is recommended over the more formal Dahlia for 3 "Old School" guys. Palace has very earthy food, great drinks and a lively crowd. On your second night, I suggest you visit the deck at The Pink Door (Pike's Alley) for drinks and snacks only. Then walk about a half a block to 94 Stewart Street for dinner. (94 Stewart is located, ironically, at 94 Stewart just around the corner.) Very innovative Northwest Food. For lunch one of your days visit our International District. (You'll have many food options you never see in Dallas.) Seven Stars and Tamarind Tree both offer exceptional Asian fare. The bar scene at the Metropolitan Grill (after the game) will be more than lively. Steaks there compare to those you'll experience in Dallas, but cost the same as your mortgage. (Figure 3X the price of Del Frisco's!) So you may want to order snacks and drinks only.
    For an unusual breakfast, go to LOLA and order Tom's Big Breakfast. At 8:00 in the morning, it will test your Chowhound status. Enjoy your visit!

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      That's Post Alley, not Pike's Alley, for the Pink Door. It doesn't have a sign, just, ironically, a pink door. :)

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        Perfect. That's exactly what I was looking for. I think you get the picture. One other thing. I guess we need some good beer whilst there. Any brewpub recs for the afternoon?

      2. check out this thread for beer
        Beveridge Place Pub in W Seattle

        1. On the "scene" side, you might be interested in Via Tribulani on Capitol Hill. Fabulous Italian style pizza. I know they have some apps (antipasti, probably salads) but all I ever eat there is pizza.

          1. if you're looking for eye candy, you might try someplace like Crush or the Apartment. For something different, try Cremant (rustic hearty French; the braised veal in casserole is back on the menu) which gets very lively and loud. If you just want a good heavily-marbled steak in a dark swanky atmosphere, try the Frenched rib chop at EL Gaucho.