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I am looking for a place in or around the cambridge area that has yummy muffins, preferably large ones that I can snack on all day while studying. Low fat is a plus. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I like Stop & Shop muffins, don't shoot me. Esp. the cappucino. You should let it sit for a day or two tho and degrease. Choc. chip and coffee cake are good too. Their blueberry actually won a tasting in the Globe food section, and they have low fat blueberry and maybe one other.

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      I hear you! I get the ones at Roche Brothers, I think they are the same ones. The choc chip, coffee cake, triple berry are all tasty! I will have to try the cappucino.

      They should sell the buckets of batter to people who want to bake them at home. I wonder where/from who they get it from!?

      The ultimate muffins are at the Gingerbread construction company but thats not convenient to the o.p. location.

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        No, Roche and Stop & Shop are completely different. I didn't bother mentioning Roche since West Rox. is far from Camb., but I don't think theirs are as good. A lot of them are really puffy, like the choc. chip which I just got and was bummed with the lack of chips. The S&S ones aren't as airy, which is better IMO. Roche does decent gingerbread and I agree on the tirple berry, but S&S are my standbys.

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          oh yea i forgot about their gingerbread ones. They also sometimes have a raspberry choc chip which i really like

    2. This is easy -- Broadway Market just outside Harvard Square-- freshly baked and often warm muffins in the morning -- Poppyseed and Pumpkin Nut are both terrific and their size is substantial. I haven't had a bad one there yet.

      FWIW, their Ham and Cheese croissant is also a favorite IF you get it warm in the morning.

      Their baked goods come ready to bake off the back of a truck, but they do an excellent job of keeping them warm and fresh in the mornings.

      Their Hogan Bros. coffee is also really good.

      The prices are high, but it is convenient and a consistently good place (if only the cashiers could cheer up a little...like the manager).

      1. I love Whole Foods giant muffins, though selection is limited. They do a low-fat version which I've never tried. Price is outrageous ($1.69!) but they're often on sale.

        1. Not sure where in Cambridge you are looking, but if you are near Teale Square in Somerville, Magnificent Muffin has the best muffins I've had around here.

          1. I love the muffins at 1369, particularly cranberry-nut and peach-granola. Petsi Pies also makes great muffins.

            1. I'm also a fan of the Whole Foods muffins, especially the corn-blueberry muffins. Toscanini's in Harvard Square also has good ones, sort of a random-seeming selection on different days.

              1. my preferences are petsi pies banana chocolate chip (divine; definitely not low fat though); mariposa in central sq occasionally has muffins (at least they used to) and they are quite good, and i second, or third, whole foods- they have a delicious banana nut muffin and their low fat stuff is great too.

                1. I concur about the cranberry nut and peach granola muffins at 1369, but they are on the smaller side. That's to my preference, but they may not be as large as the OP is looking for. I also like the Petsi Pie's banana choc. chip muffin, and it's large but not gigantic. I'd say it's very good but not divine--the crumb was a bit bland, like it needed a higher banana content.