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Sep 11, 2006 10:00 PM

Speaking of PSCoop has anyonoe tried the Flatbush Coop or

this Urban Organics though it looks pretty pricy

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  1. I ocassionally visit the flatbush co-op.

    It's very small, very little produce (by little I mean that they have a total of around 10 produce). It's got more in terms of processed food - cheese, packaged foods, tofu, etc. Also has some bulk foods. I've only tried the bulk foods and a few cheese, the produce there simply isn't that appealing.
    Prices are higher than what I am used to but I suspect around the price of most co-op/natural food stores.

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    1. re: zorgclyde

      i do shop there sometimes. more than 10 types of produce just less of each one.

    2. Not cheap and very tiny, nearly claustrophobic--I usually only go there if I'm in that neighborhood for something else. Definitely lacks the attitude/PCism of PSFC. My old roommate worked there and they treat their employees pretty well. They just don't have anough variety for me to seek them out and make a trip out of my way. If they were a block or two away I'd definitely shop there.

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      1. re: erikka

        I do live two blocks away from the Flatbush Food Coop, and I shop there all the time. There is no comparison w/PSFC, but it is a decent place. Generally it is expensive, but they have good sales. The produce they do have is fine—I generally buy broccoli and apples there—but you have to be careful to avoid things like the $11 organic canteloupe. One thing I really like about it is that it reflects the diversity of the area in both the staff and customers. You see EVERY type of person there.