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KING crab legs around Pasadena??


Where is the best restaurant to get steamed crab legs? I'm sure it depends on the season but my husband is a nut for King Crab and we don't have any restaurant we can go to get that specifically. Not salt & pepper crab, not crab cakes- just plain 'ol hunking legs of crab! We live on the border of Highland Park/Pasadena so somewhere in that area would be good. Has anyone tried that Clancy's (?) Crab place in Glendale? Any good?

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  1. I'm sorry, I know this isn't exactly the response you were looking for, but in my opinion, the best crab comes from Costco. Yes, Costco. On alternating weekends, they have a seafood stand with huge scallops, lobster, mussells, clams AND the biggest, meatiest crab legs. They are enormous! And it really is no trouble to take them home and steam them. My suggestion, buy more than you can eat and steam them all up. The next day you will have the absolute best crab salad!!

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      I'm a nut for king crab legs too and I get my fix at Costco for $11.99/lb. No restaurant I've been to can compare to what you pay and what you get when it comes to Costco's king crab legs. Usually they always have some in the seafood case.
      Saw some at Ranch 99 today(on sale this week) for $5.88/lb, but they weren't the 6/9 size that Costco ususally sells (6-9 legs/10 lb. box).
      I'm surprised at you Tokyoastrogirl...as handy as you are in the kitchen--you'd want to dine out on something you can procure on your own thats better and cheaper. No need to steam them...flash them in the microwave and they're good as you'll get in a restaurant...maybe even BBQ them.

      1. How about McCormick & Schmicks in Pasadena?

        111 North Los Robles
        Pasadena, California 91101
        (626) 405-0064

        You should call to see if they have king crab yet. I think the season just started.

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          McCormick & Schmicks? Blech. They're the worst!!!

        2. Cameron's is probably the last place I would check. Your best bet is probably to buy them at Bristol Farms and prepare them at home. As far as restaurants go, McCormick and Schmicks has the best seafood in Pasadena, but that's really not saying very much.

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            I agree, Cameron's and M & S are both totally overrated. About the best seafood in SGV is at McGrath's in Arcadia, and that's not saying much...

          2. btw, Clancy's is gross. I don't know why, but I had high hopes for it. It's just...not good.

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              what was the problem w/Clancy's? They have been on my list to try.

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                What's the problem with Clancy's?

                Read the following for your answer:


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                  Clancy's is the only place that I have ever had rotten oysters. And I've tried them 3 times. (I live very close.) And rotten each time. Sad.

            2. What about San Marino Seafood Market? I've never been there, so I can't vouch for the king crab legs, but it might be worth checking out.

              1. Parkway Grill had some awesome crab legs when I was there a month or so ago. And they even had a surf and turf special with legs and a petit filet. My friend got the crab and they were huge and quite good.

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                  oops... I meant Arroyo Chophouse, not Parkway. I always get the two confused.

                2. Not haute cuisine, but maybe give TODAI a try?

                  It's all-you-can eat, but oftentimes they'll offer up King Crab Legs as part of the buffet offering.

                  There is a Todai in the Santa Anita shopping center in Arcadia and in Glendale.

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                    I went to the Todai's in Studio City back in July, on a Saturday and they did not have king crab legs. Is it just at the Arcadia and Glendale locations?

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                      I've seen it on Sunday nights at both locations. I don't know about Saturday.

                  2. If you don't mind eating them at home, I've found the crab from Fish King in Glendale to be quite excellent. I've only ever ordered their whole cooked crabs (cracked and cleaned), but they are WAY better than what I've gotten from Gelson's etc. They typically have crab legs, and at a decent price, too.

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                      Frozen king crab legs at Fish King are $20/lb.

                    2. Frozen and live king crab are two different things.

                      If you're going the frozen route, I agree the Costco legs taste good and are basically similar to the precooked & frozen crab that most restaurants will serve.

                      If you feel like splurging ($20-25 / pound & 5 pounds is a common size) try a Chinese seafood house that has sells alot of them live. The closest one to Pasadena I can think of is New Capital Seafood 855 S. Baldwin in Arcadia. I seem to recall reading that location shut down a couple years ago? I'd call to check, but it's close to midnight right now. 626-445-9998

                      I did a writeup on China Garden's (in Irvine) king crab some time ago on my blog, photos included:

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                        Great Idea!
                        The best Live King Crab we've had lately(the season ended 3 weeks ago)was at NEWPORT SEAFOOD in SA.
                        There are 3 types of King Crab, the best is RED , then Gold, then Brown. Most of the Chinese Seafood Restaurants have the Brown. They are the same size but the meat is about 30percent smaller in the legs, of course they're cheaper. Retail around 20-per lb. I took my own 9lb RED King Crab(from IMP) to China Garden, Irvine and they cooked it for me for a 5- lb cooking charge, such a deal!

                        1. re: russkar

                          Russkar, what and where is IMP (the supplier of your 9 lb Red King Crab)?

                          How much per pound did the Red King Crab sell for?

                          You mentioned that King Crab season ended 3 weeks ago -- what is the season for King Crab?

                          Thanks in advance.

                          1. re: Norm Man

                            IMP is International Marine Products(7th & San Pedro)wholesale.
                            The Live Red King Crab Season is unknown at present. It is changing annually.
                            The cost at the time was 18-per lb, and fed 6 people easily.

                            1. re: russkar

                              Thanks so much for the info.

                              Can the public (me) buy crab at IMP? Or do you have to know someone?

                      2. fridays and saturdays at the knott's berry farm hotel restaurant, amber waves. it's not around pasadena but it's worth the drive. i kid you not. all you can eat prime rib and king crab legs (not snow crab) for $18.95. the real deal if you want quantity AND fairly good quality.

                        1. Arroyo Chop House usually has them and they are exemplary. The seafood there is much more consistently excellent than the steaks, IMHO (see my recent review)

                          1. i think a solid chinese seafood restaurant such as seafood harbour in rosemead, triumphal palace in alhambra, or new concept or nyc in monterey park has very good alaskan king crab.

                            however, crystal crab from new zealand is in season now and is sweeter and has a more delicate texture than the king from alaska.

                            call first and ask for it...and be ready to pay out for it too.

                            bootleg shanghai hairy crabs are sometimes available at a premium too.

                            this site is somewhat informative:

                            good luck and good eating!